FROM MTV.COM: Was there a more inventive performance in 2009 than Sam Rockwell's in "Moon"? Or, we should say, the performances of the many, many Sam Rockwells who show up in this sci-fi mind-bender about outer space, isolation and technology? The actor took a risk with first-time director Duncan Jones and the gamble paid off big time: The movie was one of the coolest of the year and Rockwell has rightly been mentioned as a potential Oscar candidate.

So MTV News must express our gratitude during this week in which we are giving thanks to the best films and brightest performances of the year. But when it comes to Rockwell, we're also thankful for a movie we haven't seen yet: "Iron Man 2," which he filmed this year and will arrive in theaters in 2010. In a recent chat, Rockwell looked back at "Moon," forward at "Iron Man" and with a sideways grin at the idea of nabbing a little gold statuette come awards season.

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FROM MTV.COM: Ryan Reynolds might want to quit while he's ahead. How else can the man top 2009, when he starred in two of the 10 highest-grossing movies of the year ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "The Proposal"), as well as the critically lauded indie "Adventureland"?

Then again, the 33-year-old can't go into hiding anytime soon. This year, he signed on to two big-budget franchise flicks, "Deadpool" and "Green Lantern." Lucky for him, fanboys couldn't be more excited to see his takes on both iconic comic book characters. As Thanksgiving approaches and we dole out gratitude to our favorite actors and filmmakers of the year, MTV News is delighted to dub Ryan Reynolds as the guy we're most thankful for in 2009.

In an exclusive chat, the man himself discussed reworking an iconic comic book character in "Wolverine," making the biggest rom-com in history with "Proposal," and what the future is going to look like now that he's becoming both Deadpool and Green Lantern.

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Yesterday was the big interview day at the “Couples Retreat” junket in Bora Bora. It was also a big day for the South Pacific mosquitoes to discover how tasty I could be. I have a feeling they’ll miss my sweet flesh more than I’ll miss the postcard perfect vistas here. But you don’t want to hear the whining of a guy working in Bora Bora. The day was unique for a variety of reasons. In keeping with the theme of my post the other day I’ll share with you some more useful life lessons I picked up. Read More...

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Today the rains gave way to a stellar day in Bora Bora but there was work to be done with our “Couples Retreat” interviews beginning at last. Tomorrow we’ll be chatting with Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman, Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell, plus we’ll be going on some mini-adventures with the aforementioned talent. Let’s just say we’ve asked for lots of alcohol for the Vince/Malin shoot. We’re classy that way.

But back to today. Two couples were paired for us this afternoon for a couple of really fun chats. We got some great dirt on “Iron Man 2” from Jon Favreau and “Sex & the City 2” gossip from Charlotte herself but for now I want to share two key revelations I made in the course of these interviews. Read More...

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So it would seem the poor economy hasn't quite hit our friends at Universal Pictures. Exhibit A: I'm in Bora Bora. That's right, a few hours ago I finished a long trek that began in New York, took me to LA, then to Papeete via Air Tahiti (duh), on a connecting flight to Bora Bora, and finally a little boat ride to our absurdly idyllic backdrop for the junket that's about to get underway.

What movie is Universal shelling out this kind of cash for? Why "Couples Retreat" of course! Take a little "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," throw a dash of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau and what do ya know?!? So for the next few days intrepid MTV News producer Vanessa White Wolf and I will be here in a world an awfully long way from our Times Square home to soak up the sights and sounds and have a little fun chatting with the stars in some stupendously cool environs. Oh, and we'll make our co-workers in New York hate us as they never have before. (Editor's note: Already there, Josh. Already there.) Read More...

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Far closer in spirit and structure to his debut flick, "Thank You for Smoking," than "Juno," Jason Reitman's latest effort clearly is a step up in his increasingly exciting film career. Undeniably moving and heartfelt, "Up in the Air" is one of the year's best and a surefire awards contender for George Clooney, Reitman, and perhaps Vera Farmiga.

The film has been scorching through Toronto, leaving virtually everyone who's seen it gushing about it as the best thing since Billy Wilder helmed "The Apartment." Okay, maybe not THAT much gushing but close. Read More...

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My name may be Josh Horowitz but I'm certainly not steeped well enough in my religion to grasp all the nuances of the Coen brothers latest, "A Serious Man," which screened this morning in Toronto. But fear not my goy friends, the Coens are in fine form for their latest often hilarious effort.

I hope you got your star fix in on the last go around with "Burn After Reading," because this one only gets a dose of name recognition by way of Richard Kind, Michael Lerner (a wordless though impactful cameo), and Fyvush Finker (in a fascinating if obtuse prologue). Read More...

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MTV Movies editor Josh Horowitz is out of the country right now, gallivanting around the Toronto International Film Festival while the rest of us madly prepare for Sunday's 2009 Video Music Awards here in New York City. Josh got there yesterday, and he hit the ground running. There's plenty more to come from TIFF, but for now please enjoy these impressions of "The Invention of Lying," starring and directed by Ricky Gervais.

Is there such a thing as a genial black comedy? If so, “The Invention of Lying” might be it. This marks two Toronto fests in a row when a Ricky Gervais-starrer has screened (and junketed). I’ll be talking to Gervais, his leading lady, Jennifer Garner (don’t worry Ricky mocks this unlikely genetic coupling more than you possibly fathom), and Rob Lowe (in a typically nefarious turn—see “Wayne’s World 2” for reference.). Read More...

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Pooped is the word of the day for everyone still walking around the San Diego Comic-Con. Still, the MTV News gang had a blast here and we hope you've been digging our coverage. We've cranked out nearly 50 video segments here and the amazing thing is it's truly just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned this week and in the weeks ahead for extensive interviews we banked here with James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Megan Fox, and literally dozens more.

In the meantime as we pack up our bags here I thought I'd share with you my favorite five interview moments. Again, these are just a sampling of what went down here but I think they're a fair representation of all the fun we all had in sharing our Comic-Con experience.

First off, anytime you're talking to the likes of Megan Fox it's always a pleasant surprise when A) JELL-O wrestling is mentioned and B) it wasn't mentioned by you.


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He's a tough man to track down, but when we put Sway on the beat there was no way we weren't getting some time with the man of the hour this weekend. Everyone's wondering what Eminem's got up his sleeve for his much-anticipated performance at the Movie Awards Sunday night, but only Sway got to pick Em's brain on the eve of the big night.

It's a brand new Eminem that'll be on display at the Gibson Amphitheatre. That much is certain. Check out Sway's chat below to learn about the bad habits Mr. Mathers has dropped and why you just might be seeing him return to the big screen in the not so distant future.

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