Even if poor Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson were sick as dogs during my weekend chat with them they still were awfully entertaining. We'll be unveiling our full interview in a matter of days but we've got a choice few moments to share with you right now. First of all if you're wondering if Scarlett's got another album up her sleeve, check out this story and you'll see she's in the music business for the long haul.

And then there's Scarlett's relationship with Barack Obama. Remember their supposed email relationship that emerged over the summer? Well, it sounds like Scarlett's not going to be emailing the President-elect anytime soon. "I'm banned from using my email now. The media won't allow that," she said. Watch the rest below.

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Robert Downey Jr. in 'Tropic Thunder'The nominations are in. Now let’s nit-pick, shall we? Actually no, I’m going to begin this season of awards prognostication and analysis (the Globes nominations are after all the unofficial kick-off party) with a wholly positive look at what the Globes did right.

Five things they got right this morning:

-- Here’s to some love for the funniest movie of the year, “Tropic Thunder.” Cruise is a pleasant surprise (though I actually thought he was one of the weaker parts of the film, a little too broad even for a film like this) and Downey is a stroke of genius. It’s a performance that killed the first time and holds up on repeated viewings. And while we’re on the topic of comic turns that needed to be acknowledged, I’m thrilled to see that James Franco make the cut for “Pineapple Express” too. Read More...

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Harrison FordIt's been a rough few years for longtime admirers of Harrison Ford. There was "Hollywood Homicide" and "K19: The Widowmaker" (which had the distinction of actually being worse than it's horrible title made it sound) and we're going to take the high road and not even get into "Firewall." But thankfully maybe the massive box office success of the four "Indiana Jones" this past summer will propel Mr. Ford to bigger and better things once again? Maybe?

Ford told us about the progress of a fifth Indy film the other day but before that one gets off the ground he told us he's set his sights on one of two projects: "I have a comedy that’s been developed by J.J. Abrams and a drama that I developed that talks about the pharmaceutical industry. We haven’t sorted out which is first yet." Read More...

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It's been one hell of a year, folks. If you'd talked to me twelve months ago and said there wouldn't be room in our Bizarre Moments of '08 video for the time Steve Carell grabbed my ass, well I'd have called you crazy. But it's true. We combed through our stacks of tape and found ten truly insane incidents that beat that charming moment of sexual harassment.

The below video has it all. Val Kilmer talking dwarf sex on the set of "Willow"? Check. Steven Seagal hawking energy drinks? Yup. Rainn Wilson making fun of my sweater? Don't remind me. Here's to an even loonier '09! Enjoy.

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Catherine HardwickeIt looks like "New Moon" will indeed live up to its title, bringing in some fresh blood behind the camera. Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood earlier today reported and all parties have now confirmed that Catherine Hardwicke will NOT be returning as the director of the next big screen installment in the "Twilight" saga.

"I am sorry that due to timing I will not have the opportunity to direct NEW MOON,” said Hardwicke. “Directing 'Twilight' has been one of the great experiences of my life, and I am grateful to the fans for their passionate support of the film. I wish everyone at Summit the best with the sequel-- it is a great story." Read More...

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There has been a neverending stream of speculation about the future of the "Alien" franchise probably since the very moment "Alien Resurrection" crashed and burned with most fans. Could James Cameron or Ridley Scott be weighing a return to the franchise or would we be cursed with more Predator crossovers? These are the questions that can try a man's soul.

But wait, there is hope! When I chatted with Sigourney Weaver the other day (check out her take on the "Ghostbusters" sequel here), the actress definitely seemed to still have plans for her iconic alter-ego. "There’s definitely uncharted territory for Ripley," she promised.

However Weaver wondered if the alien itself can and should factor into another film after the exposure its gotten in two "AVP" films. She asked aloud "whether there’s unchartered territory for a creature who’s become somewhat debased by this computer generated thing. I haven’t seen ["Alien Vs. Predator"] but I just think if you overexpose the creature, that’s a mistake." Read More...

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Sigourney WeaverShould we not want another "Ghostbusters" film? I'm conflicted, are you? Well, how you and I feel is becoming an increasingly moot question because the development of the sequel has certainly gathered steam in the last few months. First it was announced that a pair of "Office" writers were scripting the third adventure. Then Bill Murray spoke with us and others about how intrigued he was about coming back to the franchise at long last. Hell, Murray even had an idea...adding a female Ghostbuster to the fray.

This afternoon I got chance to chat with Dana Barrett herself and yes, Ms. Sigourney Weaver is well aware of the chatter. "I've heard about it," she said, adding "I’m supposed to get in touch with Bill [Murray] next week." Read More...

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Michael CeraThe first slew of Sundance flicks have just been announced, courtesy a press release from the fesitval organizers. So here we go, get ready to digest a whole lotta info.

There are 16 films in the dramatic competition featuring the likes of Michael Cera, John Krasinski, and Mark Linn-Baker. You have two guesses to firgure out which one we're excited most about. Hint: we're about to do a dance of joy.

Meanwhile the 16 documentaries in competition range from one about Chris Rock and an investigation into Africa-American hair to one devoted to the relationship between man and dirt. Can you smell the indie spirit where you are or what?!?

Check out the announcements in full after the jump. Read More...

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Ray WinstoneI just get giddy at the very thought of this film because it's so insane on so many levels. And if it were virtually anyone besides Steven Soderbergh behind it, that giddiniess would probably be replaced by repulsion, but really how can you be turned off by the notion of "Cleo"?

It is: (A) A retelling of the Cleopatra story, (B) A rock musical with music courtesy of members of Guided by Voices, (C) Shooting in 3D or (D) All of the above.

All of the above, baby! I spoke at length with Soderbergh this afternoon and he revealed quite a bit about his next film, including who will round out the leading trio of performers in the film. We knew about Catherine Zeta-Jones playing Cleopatra and Hugh Jackman as Mark Antony (Soderbergh said he's waiting by the phone for the official yes from the sexiest man alive). So who is the singing Julius Caesar? It's Beowulf himself, Ray Winstone, MTV can report straight from Soderbergh's lips.

The director also refured reports that the film is set in the 1920s, saying it's a period story all the way. Read More...

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Russell CroweMaybe every generation gets the Robin Hood film they deserve. Apparently I deserved Kevin Costner and Christian Slater hugging as a Bryan Adams song played over the end credits (to be fair, I kind of love that film). And apparently this generation is going to get a Russell Crowe-led re-imagining directed by Ridley Scott (because apparently they can't be apart for more than a couple months).

We've all been gossiping about "Nottingham" for months on end and lately a lot of the chatter has concerned just who Crowe is playing. Scott told us recently that Crowe is playing both Robin Hood and Nottingham which left a few people scratching their heads. It wasn't so confusing in retrospect given what has been reported about the script elsewhere.

But now Brian Grazer has further clarified to MTV News how this dual role thing is going to work AND he even dropped a bit of a bomb about how the beginning of the film plays out. So spoiler-scared folk please go no further. Read More...

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