Jessica Alba is hot. That's pretty clear to every man and woman. So, when news spread that she'd be playing twins in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez directed flick, "Machete," she got America's collective pulse pounding. Just imagine a world where two Jessica Albas exist. I know, right?

So, at the New York premiere of her flick, "The Killer Inside Me," she gave away a few more details about the relationship between the two girls. 

"They're sisters, obviously." She laughed. "They're best friends, but they certainly fight a lot. But they love each other." Read More...

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Gabourey Sidibe is getting her chuckle on as the host of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. I have to say: it's a welcome change from her Oscar-nominated role in Lee Daniels' dark and depressing Oscar winner, "Precious." In a new photo provided to MTV News, Gabby is seen chilling with castmate Kenan Thompson on the legendary sketch comedy show's set. What were these two crazy kids up to? We won't know until we tune in on Saturday night. Read More...

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Liam Hemsworth is currently the only guy, or girl for that matter, cast in "Arabian Nights," set to start shooting this September. The "Last Song" star admits that it's going to take the right kind of action star to play his pal in the flick, Sinbad. So does that mean he thinks that comedian, "Houseguest" star and "Celebrity Apprentice" castoff Sinbad need not apply?

"I'm the first person cast. They're looking at people at the moment," he said of the flick in an interview with MTV today. "Um… yeah people have said that to me actually," he added when asked if they'd consider Sinbad to play the role of, well Sinbad. "I don’t know. You know someone action hero-ish [might be more fitting]." Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: This April, Jennifer Lopez will be heading back to the big screen in the romantic comedy, "The Back-Up Plan," her first in the genre since 2005's "Monster-In-Law" and her first film four years (since 2006's "El Cantante"). After that film's release on April 23, Lopez says she has no definite plans for her next project, but she is reportedly in talks to play the lead in a remake of "Overboard."

"We're looking at a couple of things," she told MTV News said while promoting "The Back-Up Plan" at ShoWest in Las Vegas. "I'm really trying to focus right now on finishing my record so that it can come out in the summer like we're planning. So, that's where my main focus is and then the movies come."

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Amy Ryan had a great run on "The Office." Last season we saw her character, HR's very own Holly, wine and dine Dunder Mifflin Scranton's head honcho Michael Scott with her own geeky charm. She made corny jokes and loved Michael's. She had a great Yoda impression and she didn't seem to mind that Michael confessed his feelings for her very, very, very early on in the relationship.

However, like all amazing things, this relationship came to an end. The bosses found out about them and moved her all the way to TK. They broke up. However, we're still holding out some hope that they may reunite and fall passionately back in love. An idea Ryan wouldn't rule out. Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: When Robert Pattinson hits New York in March, he'll be making some time for Stewart. No, he won't be meeting up with "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart — instead he'll sit down with Jon Stewart for an appearance on "The Daily Show."

Gossip Cop confirms that Pattinson, who is promoting his flick "Remember Me," will appear on the show on Tuesday, March 2. It's one of many television appearances he'll be making that week. Earlier that day, he and "Remember Me" co-star Emilie de Ravin will sit down with the ladies of "The View" to chat about the film, which opens March 12.

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We are a little worried about "Cop Out" star Bruce Willis. In the last few days we've noticed that he seems to be a little down about something. MTV News has had the opportunity to meet up with Willis several times recently, as he's been promoting his new Kevin Smith-directed buddy comedy, "Cop Out." And with each interview it becomes clearer that Bruce seems to be going through some existential crisis.

When MTV News caught up with Willis at the junket for "Cop Out" he revealed that John McClane isn't actually a real human being. This was in some ways like having your mom and dad tell you that both Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren't real.

At least, the script for "Cop Out" made Willis laugh. We were worried that nothing did anymore. Cheer up, Bruce! We still love you! And we still believe John McClane is real! Yippee-ki-yay, motherf***er!

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FROM MTV.COM: Robert Pattinson has admitted that when it comes to fame, he's kind of shy. So when he was hanging out with his "Remember Me" co-star Pierce Brosnan, he witnessed a whole new way of approaching the fame game.

"I went out a couple of times with Pierce [Brosnan]. He's totally recognizable and he makes no effort to tone it down," the "Twilight Saga" actor told Vogue magazine. "Some people were glancing over at us in the restaurant, and he just went over and introduced himself. And it does work. It dissipates all the attention."

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FROM MTV.COM: In the "Valentine's Day" trailers, Ashton Kutcher pops the question pretty early in the day to his onscreen love, Jessica Alba. And, in real life, he goes by a similar Valentine's Day mantra: You should always kick off the romance of the day ASAP.

"I'm generally a morning person myself," he told MTV News while promoting "Valentine's Day," opening Friday. "I actually think that Valentine's Day must start first thing in the morning. I really, really do believe the only way you're really going to catch somebody off-guard on Valentine's Day is when they're waking up."

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FROM MTV.COM: Carrie Underwood is taking her act from the small screen to the big screen. The country-music superstar has been cast in a supporting role in the movie "Soul Surfer." Filming begins this month.

Underwood, who picked up a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration (with Randy Travis) and was one of the stars featured in the Michael Jackson tribute at Sunday's Grammy Awards, will play church youth leader Sarah Hill. The movie is based on the real-life story of Bethany Hamilton, the 19-year-old champion surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack at the age of 13, but has managed to continue competing and winning professional championships.

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