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With the MTV Movie Awards just hours away (they begin at 9 p.m. ET), many of you may be wondering if show host Andy Samberg will sing any of his (in?)famous and hilarious songs from his "Saturday Night Live" digital shorts. The answer is both yes and no.

Andy, thanks to the request of a very famous studio audience member who also happens to be a MTV Movie Awards nominee, managed to round up some of his celebrity friends for a Lonely Island medley set to air during the show — and these are celebrities you'd never expect to sing any of Andy's songs.

These surprise guests, along with a choir, will sing awesome (we can attest to this, since we saw the rehearsal), operatic versions of hits like "Jizz in my Pants" (sung by a woman you'd never think would sing that song), a duet between two unexpected singers for "Lazy Sunday" and he somehow got one Oscar-winner to come on board for "D--- in a Box." And his recent duet with Justin Timberlake, "Motherlover," also gets some love in the medley. Read More...

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"Hills" star Frankie Delgado has never met a party he hasn’t wanted to go to (this is a well known fact to "Hills" fans) and when the MTV Movie Awards Weekend Guest Host invited MTV News to Deluxe in L.A. to show us how he parties in the days leading up to a big show like the Movie Awards, he definitely didn’t disappoint.

L.A. hotspot Deluxe was jam packed with L.A.'s finest pretty people and Frankie's table was also packed with all his buddies. He showed us around the club and even got behind the bar and displayed his best "Cocktail" style bar moves to the patrons. We're pretty sure that Tom Cruise would have been proud. And, if that wasn’t enough, a few very lucky clubgoers even got specially made drinks by Frankie while in his bartender. Read More...

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We can't wait to see what our favorite celebrities are going to wear at this year’s MTV Movie Awards Sunday night where the fashion tends to be fun, flirty and hip and girls tend to wear mini skirts and guys tend to casual cool.

Until we get to see all the hot looks on this year’s red carpet, we’ve taken a look at five celebrities who have gotten it right in the last couple of years.

Everyone from RPrattz to Lauren Conrad are making our list. To see who else made it, check out the article, or click on the photo to the right to see their winning fashions.

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LOS ANGELES — It’s MTV Movie Awards week, and that means everyone is ready to get their groove on in preparation for the big show at the Gibson Amphitheatre. So, to get in on the action, MTV News’ resident cool cats Tim Kash and Sway combined their forces and threw a little party — well, maybe not that little!

For the bash, they brought in cool artists like Brooklyn own’s Kudu, who hit the stage along with Wale, Tyga and Mickey Factz at the Stone Rose Lounge in the Sofitel hotel in the always-swanky locale of Beverly Hills. Read More...

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Frankie Delgado snagged himself the awesome job of being one of MTV News' correspondents for the MTV Movie Awards, and with the show just days away, he headed over to the Armani Exchange store in Los Angeles along with celebrity stylist Wouri Vice to check out possible red-carpet looks.

Like Lo Bosworth, he tried on many looks and had a hard time deciding how to nail the casual-but-not-too-casual look that works best for a show like the MTV Movie Awards. Read More...

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Stephanie Pratt got a sneak peek of where all the big names will be sitting at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday night for the MTV Movie Awards. While perusing the rows filled with seat cards, the “Hills” star happened upon a potentially interesting seating arrangement.

“As of right now, I’m sitting between Eminem and Paris Hilton for Sunday night,” she said while reporting from the Gibson as an MTV Movie Awards weekend guest host. “And I don’t know if that’s going to work out, ‘cause last time I checked, I think Eminem dissed pretty much everyone on his album.” Read More...

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"Hills" star Lo Bosworth has had a busy week as one of the MTV Movie Awards weekend guest hosts, getting styled and seeing all the action that takes place behind the scenes at the Gibson Amphitheatre. And now she can check one more item off her bucket list: having her picture taken by our Fashion 360 red-carpet camera.

The reality star told MTV News she'd really like to see Zac Efron get his picture taken by the 48 cameras that capture an image and take a 3-D picture of the subject. Lo got her photo taken by throwing popcorn in the air and posing with her arms up.

"I see it right there. I think it's so cool," she said after seeing the photo on the screen on the red carpet. "I never thought it would turn out so good. Read More...

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What’s a girl to do! With Sunday right around the corner and Stephanie Pratt attending the MTV Movie Awards, she must make the big decision about what she’s going to wear to the show.

So, she met up with fashion designer Ina Soltani at Film Fashion in Los Angeles and tried on some of the designers frilly, girly frocks. And, apparently Stephanie was in the mood for orange since two of the dresses she picked happened to be that color. Read More...


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to conjure up all of the funny stuff that celebrities say when they grace the stage at awards shows? You know, like Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards? Well MTV News got an inside look at the silliness and crazy behavior that the Movie Awards writers exhibit as they prepare their script for May 31.

Part of the process of making all of that magical wordplay happen involves the writers rehearsing the lines themselves. They pretend to be the celebrity presenters in order to work out the logistics of the scripts and get an idea of just how funny it’s all going to be on the night of the big show.

For instance, two of the writers pretend to be “Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester and rapper Lil Wayne as they present the award for Best Song. Of course, you can't plan for certain things; maybe Lil Wayne shows up a little buzzed and Meester calls him on it. Read More...


With the MTV Movie Awards just days away, Lo Bosworth, along with celebrity stylist Wouri Vice, headed over to a private showroom in Beverly Hills to check out possible looks for the big show on Sunday at the Gibson Amphitheatre.

Lo, who is one of the weekend guest hosts for the big show, wanted to get red-carpet chic. So she and Wouri tossed aside all the dresses they knew wouldn't work and tried on four different little numbers.

Among Lo's top choices were a teal strapless dress, a peach minidress, a teal ruffled one as well as a hip-hop dress made of metallic gold material. In addition to all the dresses, she got the chance to try on some amazingly fabulous shoes and some dazzling jewels. Read More...

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