FROM MTV.COM: If Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg can spill anything about what fans can expect from "Eclipse," it's that they can expect it to be dark and gory. And for fans of director David Slade, not to mention people who've read "Eclipse," this should be completely unsurprising.

"David has a darker sensibility, so it clicks," Rosenberg told E! Online. "The story has a slightly darker tone. I mean, it goes into a full-out battle, so it is darker in the nature of what it is. David was the perfect director for it."

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Harrison Ford has tackled many, many, many memorable roles over his career. Han Solo in "Star Wars." Jack Trainer in "Working Girl." The United States President in "Air Force One." The fugitive in, well, "The Fugitive." But, let's not forget that at the end of the day he's Indiana Jones. So when MTV News was invited to a Team Earth event where Indy himself was making an appearance, we couldn't say no. After all, it's not every day you get to ask the whip-wielding one what we can expect from a fifth "Indiana Jones" flick.

It seems like Ford doesn't know what to expect from the flick either. Or maybe he just isn't talking. "We're waiting on a script," he said. As for when that script might surface, Ford isn't holding his breath: "Ah, not yet." Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: "Twilight" fever is set to rule MTV again at the 2009 Video Music Awards, airing live on Sunday, September 13, when Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will present an extended trailer for "New Moon."

Of course, fans might still be recovering from the stars' May appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. Sure, that show had many memorable moments, including Brüno's very comical assault on Eminem, but it was the "Twilight" crew that walked away with five golden popcorns. And who could forget the moment when Pattinson and Stewart teased every Twilighter at home with their almost kiss?

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Holly Montag has gone from Heidi's sister on "The Hills" to jewelry designer to... our new favorite film buff! It wasn't until Holly stopped by the MTV News offices earlier this week that we learned of her background. The elder Montag sister is a film school grad -- from a program made famous by avant-garde legend Stan Brakhage no less! -- who has a taste for Hitchcockian mystery and Jimmy Stewart.

"Hey, I went to film school," she revealed about her past to MTV's Jim Cantiello. "[My focuses were] critical studies and production. I double majored... well BFA and BA. I went to CU." (That's the University of Colorado, where the Montags are from.)


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FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: With the passing of famed fashion critic Mr. Blackwell, there’s a new style cop in town and his name is Brüno. And, if you thought that Blackwell’s quips about the best and worst of celebrity fashion seemed harsh at times, then you really need to press play above to see what the outlandish character told MTV News about some of Hollywood Crush’s favorite celebrities.

And, brace yourselves, Brüno — the titular star of the comedy out this Friday — who surprised the crowd at the BAM screening last night (an event that was part of the MySpace Black Curtain Screening series), isn’t afraid to say the things that will surely make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

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Joan Jett and Kristen StewartFROM MTV.COM: Not only has Kristen Stewart embraced the role of Joan Jett by dying her hair black and cutting it into a mullet for her role in the upcoming film "The Runaways," now she's been spotted at a Los Angeles studio with Runaways founding member Joan Jett.

The duo — along with Stewart's "New Moon"/ "Runaways" castmate Dakota Fanning — hit Sunset Sound studios on Monday, where they were recording for the biopic, about the seminal all-teen-female 1970s rock band of the same name. While the Runaways, founded by Jett in 1975, never achieved large-scale commercial success, they were a galvanizing force on the Los Angeles punk scene, not to mention the first widely recognized all-female teen rock group and the spawning ground for the subsequent solo careers of Jett and guitarist Lita Ford.

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Kristen StewartAlthough Kristen Stewart now finds herself elevated to the status of a big Hollywood player thanks her role as Bella Swan in "Twilight," the actress has long insisted that she never hunted for fame when she was working to get a career in Hollywood. In fact, back when she was auditioning for her small-but-radiant role in Sean Penn's "Into the Wild," the then-15-year-old told Interview magazine that her early success was as much a burden as a blessing.

"Well, this is never something that I sought out. For most actors, it's such a struggle to get work," she told "Zathura" director Jon Favreau, who interviewed her for the story in 2005. "Once they have it, they feel that there's an enormous amount of pressure on them to make it work, and have everyone love them. In my case, it was never like that." Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: Long before Brüno and Eminem, er, met at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the rapper had a feud that played out in front of the MTV viewers at the 2002 Video Music Awards.

So who better than Triumph to comment on a more-or-less naked Brüno falling from the ceiling and landing on Eminem, causing the rapper to leave the Gibson Amphitheatre. "I'm a legend," Triumph told MTV News. "And I sat on Eminem's face long before Brüno ever did."

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There was definitely a palpable amount of longing in the Gibson Amphitheatre when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson almost locked lips after they won Best Kiss at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

And while there were a good many Twilighters in the room, it was at the afterparty that "Hills" star Stephanie Pratt admitted to MTV News that she was one of those Twilighters, and that she too wanted to see them kiss each other. Read More...

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Stephanie Pratt at the 2009 MTV Movie AwardsHollywood's biggest stars love to let their hair down and bring their hemlines up at the MTV Movie Awards. I'll be live-blogging directly from the red carpet with the latest on who nailed their party looks tonight. And of course, you’re here to tell me if you agree or disagree, so speak up in the comment section. I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing!

6:30 p.m. ET: Stephanie Pratt ended up wearing the black Soltani gown with the tiered skirt that she tried on the other day with MTV News.

6:40: Robert Hoffman from "Step Up 2: The Streets" is here looking very, very casual in jeans, linen camo green blazer, black T-shirt and kicks.

6:50: Peter Facinelli is here, looking rocker chic in tight-fitting black jeans, a leather motorcycle jacket and black All-Stars.

6:55: Frankie Delgado has arrived in the Armani Exchange gray suit he picked out with MTV News the other day. Great pick! Read More...


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