TransformersDon't worry, say "Transformers" scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman -- everything you loved about the movie and more will be in the sequel, which they claim has an even better story.

"You want to make a different movie, not just a repeat," Orci said. "It's a different kind of film that the last one. It's not a disaster [movie] paradigm."

What he means is that "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" won't have multiple storylines told from different points of view all converging in one place for the climax. Instead, expect a different kind of narrative with a different emotional centerpiece. Read More...

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has been many things -- so much so that creator Joss Whedon jokes, "I got to make a comic book out of the TV show out of the movie out of the T-shirt out of the opera of the song of the bumper sticker of the shoe line that I love." One of the things he left out in the absurdly long list is an animated series -- which was actually in the pipeline once upon a time, and looks to find new life once again.

Back in 2002, Whedon and Jeph Loeb came up with the idea of doing an animated version of Buffy that would take place somewhere in season one. "We liked to call it episode seven-and-a-half," Loeb joked. "It was a much simpler time. Angel had been introduced, but he was not yet Angelus. We could retrofit Dawn as a ten-year-old, so you can really play the older sister gag. Their mom is alive." And because it was animated, "no one has to grow up." Read More...

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Milo VentimigliaThe teaser trailer for "Game" won't be out until the holidays -- since the film was just delayed until next year -- but co-star Milo Ventimiglia ("Heroes") said it'll be worth the wait.

The game in "Game" -- from "Crank" and "Pathology" creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor -- is a futuristic multiplayer in which you can control other people. Gerard Butler's, John Leguizamo's, and Ventimiglia's characters are forced to play first person games, and are considered just Sim-like avatars by the people who play them, and control their actions remotely, much like you would on a Wii. Read More...

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'Wake the Dead'FROM SPLASH PAGE: First it was vampires , now it’s Frankenstein. The next Steve Niles comic to hit the big screen will be “Wake the Dead,” and this time, he’s helping out as a producer, not a writer, with a little help from WETA.

“Right now, we’re scouting locations,” Niles said. “[Director] Jay [Russell] wants the movie to be ready for the next San Diego [Comic-Con]. WETA is doing the designs, and it looks amazing. And whatever they need me on, I help. Jay runs the treatment by me and I put the story together, so it begins and ends with me, but I don’t have to write it.” Read More...

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Alan RickmanWhen you do a movie like "Bottle Shock," you have to know your wine. After all, "Sideways" was about amateur connoisseurs (even if Paul Giamatti's character Miles is up there with the best of them: "I'm not drinking any f---ing Merlot!"). But "Bottle Shock" is about the actual tastemakers -- those who grow the grapes, sell the wine, and make judgments which affect the world market. It's actually about the judgment, the Judgment of Paris, which put California wines on the map. "So pretty much we had to get drunk for three months," laughed Rachel Taylor, who plays an intern at the Chateau Montelena.

"A lot of the vineyards [in Napa and Sonoma] realized the significance 'Sideways' had for the Santa Barbara area," said filmmaker Randall Miller, "so people were like, 'Come see our vineyards!' And to get rights to a lot of [real-life] characters, I had to go drink wine with the vinters." Read More...

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Alan RickmanYou can't blame a girl for trying.

Ever time I have to chance to talk to Alan Rickman, I try to ask him about Snape -- but he won't spill. I'm not the only reporter who has this problem -- Rickman is notorious for not saying anything about the Harry Potter series, because he doesn't want to ruin it for the kids who have yet to finish reading "Deathly Hallows." And while I can respect that in theory, it's been a year. Even J.K. Rowling herself talks about what he won't.

So, when he was doing press for "Bottle Shock", I thought perhaps he might respond to a spoiler-free type question. Instead of asking about Snape's motivations, or the great Snape debate -- which prompted its own book -- I thought something more general, something connective, might work. His character Steven Spurrier runs the Academy of Wine, and cares deeply about the art and science of winemaking. His other character Severus Snape is a professor of potions, and cares deeply about the art and science of potionmaking (so much so he can invent his own, or improve on pre-existing ones -- see "Half-Blood Prince"). Wouldn't the two characters have so much in common -- despite being from disparate worlds -- that they would have a lot to talk about?

"Sneaky question!" Rickman laughed.

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Daniel RadcliffeDan Radcliffe says “Half-Blood Prince” is worth the wait, because this film is “so different in tone.”

“It’s like what the Arctic Monkeys said about their second album: In the places when it’s dark, it’s even darker, and in the places when it’s light, it’s even lighter,” Radcliffe told a crowd during Tuesday night’s TimesTalks. “The dark parts are with Dumbledore and Voldemort and his influence on things, and the light parts are very, very fun stuff with Ron and Hermione. Jesse Cave, who plays Lavender, is just brilliant. We had a lot of fun.”

When Rupert Grint had his first kissing scene with Jesse, Radcliffe said he wanted to make him break character, so he stood in the back and made faces at him. “For years, we’ve been making each other laugh on set,” Radcliffe said, “and now it was time for me to get my revenge.” Read More...

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Kristin StewartBella is magnetic. Hermione is awkward. But fans of both the Twilight and Harry Potter series pick Hermione over Bella any day. Why?

"Some girls want to see themselves as Bella," said Megan Schuyler, who's been capturing the wizard rock scene in her documentary film “The Wizard Rockumentary.” "If you're feeling clumsy and different, it's fun to imagine that some dreamy perfect guy would be obsessed with you."

"We have a song about this," said Lauren Fairweather of the wizard rock band the Moaning Myrtles. "He's supposed to be perfection. That is his personality: perfection."

"He's a tasty specimen of a man," concurred Nina Jankowicz of the Moaning Myrtles. "We enjoy him."


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Rachel Taylor in 'Transformers'"Transformers" was Rachel Taylor's first U.S. film, but she won't be in the sequel -- because she wants to be more than meets the eye.

As Maggie Madsen, the Aussie actress played a computer analyst who was just as much eye candy as she was tech-smart. And while that was a "great experience," Taylor said, it's "not quite what I want to do" and it would defeat the purpose of becoming a better actor "if I was just going to become a 'Transformers' girl." (Is that like being a Bond girl, with less prestige?) Read More...

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First there was wizard rock. Then there was Twi-rock. And now that the floodgates have opened, expect to see a lot more bands singing about books and movies.

Devin Overman from the Owl Post and Be Safe Bella wants to start a third band, called simply Book Rock. "Each song would be about a different book, like 'Lord of the Flies,'" she said. "It wouldn't have to be specific to fantasy series." Read More...

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