'Superman Returns'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Once upon a time, Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner swapped movies – Brett got the third “X-Men” and Bryan got “Superman,” which in his hands was “Superman Returns” starring Brandon Routh. We all know how that turned out.

But what would have happened if Ratner had continued along his merry way and done the “Superman” he wanted? What would it have been about? Brendan Fraser, who saw the script written by J.J. Abrams, was impressed. So was Ratner, who filled us in on the storyline and casting plans. Read More...

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Emmett doesn't want to hear Edward's point of view. At least not yet. Kellan Lutz, the actor who plays Edward's brother in "Twilight," thinks that Stephenie Meyer should wait a while before finishing "Midnight Sun," the companion novel that leaked to the Web last month. (See what Lutz and Robert Pattinson had to say about the "Twilight" reshoots here.)

"If I was Stephenie Meyer," Lutz said, "and if I made that book — which is more heartfelt, like a diary in a way — it wouldn't be out for years. I feel like she created it just for herself, and it's sad that a part of her has been leaked, if that makes sense." Read More...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. Robert Patrick as the T-1000. Pretty iconic roles, right? But it was almost a robot from another android movie and a rock star as those unstoppable killing machines.

“They were thinking of Lance Henriksen for the Terminator, and they wanted Arnold for the Michael Biehn part of Kyle Reese,” revealed “Terminator” stunt coordinator Joel Kramer. “And Robert Patrick wasn’t James Cameron’s first pick – Billy Idol was.”

It’s more well known that Henricksen, who was the android Bishop in Cameron’s “Aliens” movies, was first choice for the Terminator – but Billy Idol? “That’s something most people don’t know,” said Kramer, who now works on the television spin-off, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” “I don’t think I even told them that here, to be honest with you.” Read More...

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David BannerDavid Banner is about to get angry -- in his next feature film, "Days of Wrath." The rapper, whose real name is Lavell Crump, plays a guy named Kryme, and as you might guess from that moniker, he's a bit of a gangsta.

"I'm the head of a gang," Banner said.

"Days of Wrath", which also includes appearances from rappers Rick Ross, Kurupt, and Slim Thug, follows two rival gangs in Los Angeles -- a Latino gang which counts Wilmer Valderrama as a member, and the black gang lead by Banner. Valderrama's thug character, Danny Boy, sets off a gang war after he steals a rapper's car and his stray bullet kills the mother of one of his own gang members. Read More...

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Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake almost got "Moist" for his first movie in theaters-- and now that he's no longer wet behind the ears, director Barry Sonnenfeld is looking at the singer as a possibility once more to get the project's juices flowing.

"Moist" is a darkly comic novel by Mark Haskell Smith about a morgue attendant named Bob, who is "living way below his ability," spending all his free time playing video games, until he comes across a severed arm with an erotic tattoo of a woman he falls for. In the course of trying to find out who she is, Bob ends up becoming Roberto, a kingpin of the Los Angeles Mexican mafia -- ultimately replacing the man who the severed arm belonged to in the first place.

"I love the book," Sonnenfeld said. "Tonally, it's like 'Pineapple Express.'" Read More...

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"Bum da bum bah!!" The music might not be playing, but the "Indiana Jones" theme is in the air. Everywhere you go at Paramount, there are ghosts — and not just because the Hollywood Forever cemetery is behind the lot. For the VMAs, we're working from the Crosby Building — named randomly for Bing Crosby, even though he had nothing to do with this space. But Indy did: His theme was scored here.

(See where the movie magic happens in this photographic tour of the Paramount lot.)

When the celebs arrive Sunday night, they'll be going through Paramount's Bronson Gate — one of the most widely recognized Hollywood landmarks. A common misconception is that it's named after Charles Bronson, although the reverse is true: He named himself after it or, rather, the street it's on, when he changed his name from Buchinsky. Read More...

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'Star Trek'The writers, directors, and producers behind the "Star Trek" reboot guard the secrets of the upcoming movie like it's their own Prime Directive. Mention anything that could reveal a plot point -- like say, moments with Kirk and Spock's mothers -- and they immediately employ defensive maneuvers.

"The what? What flashbacks?" writer/director J.J. Abrams asked. "I never said flashbacks."

"We didn't say there were flashbacks!" teased writer/producer Alex Kurtzman.

But that didn't mean they aren't willing to give something up -- in the spirit of diplomacy, of course. Plot and character development might be off limits (they all refuse to answer the question, "Where does the movie start" except Abrams, who teased, "In the fu-ture") -- but gadgets aren't. "We intentionally don't talk too much about the story," said producer Bryan Burk, "but there's all the gadgets you could want. No replicators," since they originated in "Next Generation," "but there's warp speed and transporter beams and tricorders and communicators and everything you could want. All the gadgets." Read More...

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Mariah CareyMariah Carey gets a lot of grief over being a bad actress -- "Glitter," anyone? -- but she was believable enough to fool her "husband."

Lance Reddick -- who's known for his work on "The Wire" and "Lost" and will be a FBI agent on J.J. Abrams' upcoming television show "Fringe"-- was cast late in the game for the upcoming movie "Tennessee" ("Honestly, they were going to go with a bigger name," Reddick said, "but they lost that someone"). So by the time he was signed up as Carey's character's husband Frank, "I had less than a week before we started shooting," Reddick said. Read More...

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Angelina JolieOn a cold day last December, an actor playing a part against Angelina Jolie leaned over and kissed her. The only trouble was, it wasn't in the script.

"I try to be selective with my improvising," said Jason Butler Harner, who is her co-star in Clint Eastwood's upcoming "Changeling." So he checked with the director first. "Clint approved," he said. "He could see it happening and he said, 'Do it and we'll see what happens.'"

Jolie was supposed to be pushing Harner against a wall. It was the movie's climatic scene, and her character, Christine Collins, was supposed to be confronting his character, Gordon Stewart Northcott, and asking him, "Did you kill my son?" (The film is based on a true story; in the 1920s, Collins' son was abducted, and another boy was "returned" to her instead. When she insisted that the second boy was not her son, she was deemed hysterical, when actually it was a case of LAPD corruption). Read More...

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John Noble in 'The Lord of the Rings'Sure, Guillermo del Toro might want a lot of the original "Lord of the Rings" cast back for "The Hobbit" -- but it doesn't mean he'll get them all. At least one Steward of Gondor says he hasn't been asked.

"They haven't consulted me," said John Noble, who played Denethor. "I know Ian McKellan is coming back, and Andy Serkis will be -- he's very much associated with it, and he's a terrific artist. Ian [Holm] is not a young man, so I don't know what they'll do with that. But I don't think they'll have Denethor back."

The Denethor character -- Faramir and Boromir's father -- doesn't appear in the book version of "The Hobbit", but del Toro plans to make a second, connective film that would take place between "The Hobbit" and "Fellowship of the Ring." And if the character of Arargorn returns for that -- Viggo, we're looking at you -- then there's room for what happened to Gondor. Read More...

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