Justin BieberFROM MTV MOVIES: Michael Jackson may have dubbed himself the King of Pop, but the late icon didn't hold the box-office crown for long. Less than a year after the posthumous MJ documentary "This Is It" became the most successful concert-themed film in U.S. history, Justin Bieber is poised to snatch the mantle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" has earned $72.2 million in domestic box office so far, passing Jackson's $72.1 million haul. And while Bieber has racked up those impressive numbers in just six weeks, he's got a long way to go before he laps the global receipts for the MJ doc.

"This Is It" has grossed $189.1 million overseas for a global total of $261.2 million. Music films don't typically play well overseas, and THR noted that "Never Say Never" has grossed a more modest $10.8 million overseas so far, with Paramount executives predicting that it could top out around $20 million internationally.

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'The HobbitBeefs with unions, endless delays, a famed director jumping ship, the bankruptcy filing of its studio, complaints from hardcore fans about the time-shifting casting of famous characters and, now, emergency surgery for its creative mastermind/director. Is “The Hobbit” the latest Hollywood epic to be plagued by the cinematic boogeyman?

There’s a long tradition of major pictures falling prey to an endless succession of bad luck, bizarre accidents and a seeming black cloud hanging over them. Peter Jackson’s two-part prequel to his billion-dollar “Lord of the Rings” franchise appears to be the latest entry in the club you never want to join. Production on the first film in the prequel pair was delayed this week when Jackson required emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer.

Thankfully, he’s resting now and is expected to make a full, fast recovery. But following the departure last year of director Guillermo del Toro and the myriad other issues that have hit the project, we wondered where “The Hobbit” fits in the pantheon of spooked flicks?

“Green Hornet”
The path to the multiplex for Seth Rogen’s superhero movie was twistier than the plot of “Inception.” In addition to a parade of stars and directors who came and went beginning in the late 1990s, Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg finally got it revved up again in 2007, but then faced immediate backlash from fans who were worried about Rogen’s casting. Then there were multiple push backs on the release date, Nicholas Cage dropping out as the main villain over his insistence on using a Jamaican accent, and a last minute conversion to 3-D that forced the release date back again. Read More...

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How cool is Johnny Depp? When he (or his publicist) got a letter from an adorable British third grader requesting pirate Captain Jack Sparrow's help in rising up in mutiny against teachers at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich, south-east London -- where J.D. just happens to be filming "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" -- 'ol John boy knew just what to do: keep the Sparrow dreads on after work and swish on down to the school for some real-life pirating. After regaling the kids with some swashbuckling songs and dances, Depp wisely counseled the tot to hold off on the mutiny, since, you know, the authorities were keeping an eye on him.

That just got us thinking about how awesome it would be if Johnny dressed up as some of his other legendary characters and paid in-character visits to other totally inappropriate audiences.

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands

Click here or on the image above for our gallery of Edward Scissorhands visiting a petting zoo (ouch), Willy Wonka shilling candy to the "Biggest Loser" cast and more fun stuff. Read More...

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As we eagerly await the launch of the big screen version of “Battleship,” (okay, that’s a lie, we’re holding out for a brooding Kristen Stewart in the economic meltdown-themed thriller “Monopoly”), we couldn’t help but notice that “Star Trek” genius J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot shingle is developing a thriller based on the teenage party game “Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

Okay, we know there was already an indie flick called “Spin the Bottle” that came out in 2000 about five childhood friends getting together for a weekend of flirting and fighting. And Madonna technically lifted the title “Truth or Dare” for a concert film. But could rec room kissing games be the next hot genre now that sitcom remakes and toy-based flicks are hitting bottom? (Sorry “Small Wonder” and Wacky WallWalkers)

The premise of the “Heaven,” hatched from the mind of “Lost” writer/director Jack Bender, has two teens emerge from their heaven seven in the closet to find that all of their friends are dead! With that in mind, we have a few suggestions for a couple more potential teensploitation titles based on game room groping: Read More...

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From the minute rumors started circulating earlier this week about an alleged Rat Pack movie starring George Clooney as Frank Sinatra and Angelina Jolie as Marilyn Monroe we smelled, well, a rat. Too good to be true? Of course it was.

Aside from the fact that the “Salt 2” talk is already cranking up (not to mention a busy schedule that includes “The Tourist” and possible turns as “Cleopatra” and “Maleficent”), the superstar Jolie casting sounded like some kind of a secret Freemason film dream to finally complete Jolie’s impossible leading man trifecta (Brad, Johnny and George). Angie’s reps quickly quashed the rumors that she was locked in to star in the adaptation of the “dog’s-eye view” book “The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe,” which will tell the story of the couple’s relationship from the view of the Scottish poodle Sinatra gave to Monroe as a gift.

That still got us thinking and scheming, though, about our own dream cast for “Maf.” Read More...

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Before “Twilight,” before “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” there was “The Lost Boys.”

The seminal 1987 teen vampire flick starred Corey Haim as a confused teenager battling a band of leather-clad alterna-vampires in his new hometown of Santa Carla, California. The role helped establish Haim as a legitimate movie heartthrob in the wake of his first semi-hit, 1986’s weepy “Lucas,” and it kicked off a career-long association and friendship with fellow troubled teen actor and co-star, Corey Feldman. Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: The dramatic journey to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, to raise awareness about the global clean-water crisis will be documented in an MTV special titled "Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro." The 90-minute documentary, which will air at 9 p.m. ET on March 14, follows musicians Kenna, Santigold and Lupe Fiasco, actors Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch and Isabel Lucas and a group of scientists and activists on their journey to the top of the highest peak in Africa as they learn about water issues and climb through snow, sleet, rain and treacherous terrain on their way to 19,340 feet.

While the January climb was chronicled on SummitOnTheSummit.com through tweets, photos and video in real time, the documentary will provide never-before-seen footage and insight into the climb while spotlighting the urgency of water issues.

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FROM MTV.COM: First, Michael Jackson fans couldn't wait for the "Michael Jackson's This Is It" documentary to begin its limited run in theaters around the globe. Then, even before it hit thousands of screens, they began clamoring for a DVD release date of the final artistic statement from the self-proclaimed King of Pop.

That wish was granted over the Thanksgiving weekend, when Sony Pictures announced that "This Is It" will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on January 26. According to Home Media Magazine, the DVD version will include an hour of extra footage in the form of featurettes on the making of the film, costumes, dancer auditions and the performers' memories of Jackson. The Blu-Ray will contain that footage, plus an additional half hour that includes alternate versions of videos of "Smooth Criminal" and "Thriller."

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FROM MTV.COM: The worldwide thirst for all things Michael Jackson continues unabated. So far, the "This Is It" documentary chronicling the late pop star's final rehearsals for a comeback tour that never was has raked in more than $200 million across the globe.

Reuters reports that the film has crossed the $200 million threshold after just two weeks in theaters, with overseas grosses vastly outstripping U.S. totals. Sony Pictures Entertainment said the movie had brought in $61 million in North America so far and more than $140 million internationally, with Japan among those leading the way at $27.2 million, followed by the U.K. — where Jackson was preparing to launch the "This Is It" 50-show run at London's O2 Arena — at $14.3 million.

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FROM MTV.COM: Predictions were that "Michael Jackson's This Is It" could be the highest-grossing music film of all time, and the documentary chronicling the final concert rehearsals of the King of Pop got off to a good start. A series of late-night screenings pulled in $2.2 million in the U.S. on Tuesday, setting the film up for a possible #1 ranking at the box office this Halloween weekend, according to The Associated Press.

The fright-filled weekend could set up a showdown between the zombie-loving late pop star and the surprise success of low-budget horror flick "Paranormal Activity," which pulled in just $1.7 million on Tuesday after topping the box office last weekend. While "Activity" will expand to its widest release yet over the weekend when it unfolds on 2,400 screens, "This Is It" will be playing on more than 3,500 screens.

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