The 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards delivered a serious déjà vu experience, with most of the evening's winners being repeats of the previous weekend's Golden Globes extravaganza. Sandra Bullock ("The Blind Side") and Jeff Bridges ("Crazy Heart"), for instance, triumphed at both ceremonies. This year's SAG Awards take place two weeks after the Globes. Will the results be the same?

That would mean a dominating performance from "The Social Network," which nabbed four Globes, including Best Motion Picture - Drama and Best Director. But "The King's Speech" is on the rise, locking up 12 Oscar nominations last week after Colin Firth won best dramatic actor at the Globes. And never count out, for that matter, "True Grit," which rebounded from a shutout in the Globe nominations to become a surprise box office hit ($148 million and counting) and then garner 10 Oscar nods. Oh, and today is Christian Bale's birthday, and the birthday boy could well walk away with supporting actor statue for "The Fighter."

All of which is to say: we have our suspicions and our theories, our personal favs and hoped-for dark horses, but there's no way to tell what's actually gonna go down until the show goes live. By now, the celebs like James Franco, Natalie Portman and Justin Timberlake have sashayed down the red carpet, done their best to avoid the rain, and entered the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles. The curtain rises in a matter of minutes. And MTV News is ready to rock with our SAG Awards live blog. Keep hitting refresh on your browser to find out the very latest news and analysis from the show.


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'The Rite'A typically sleepy January at the box office — save for the welcome $33.5 million debut of "Green Hornet" two weeks ago — continues today with the entry of two new wide-releases: Anthony Hopkins' horror flick set against exorcist-minded priests, "The Rite," and Jason Statham's action-fest about professional assassins, "The Mechanic." When the final dollars are counted, those killers will likely be topped not only by the possession-obsessed priests but by Natalie Portman too. Ouch.

Box office prognosticators are eying an opening around the $17-$20 million mark for "The Rite." The first month of the year has typically been kind to weakly reviewed horror films like "The Rite," and Hopkins' entry should end up grossing something close to 2005's "Hide and Seek" ($22 million) and 2009's "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" ($21.2 million).

But don't expect "The Mechanic" to land in second place this weekend. It looks like "No Strings Attached," Portman and Ashton Kutcher's tepid rom-com, which nabbed the #1 spot with $19.7 million last week, will drop less than 50% and hang on to the #2 notch. That's not a certainty, by any means, but considering that "The Mechanic" hasn't connected with critics and that moviegoers looking for a fresh, high-intensity experience this weekend will likely end up at "The Rite," we have a feeling "No Strings" will come out on top with around $11 million (ahead of "The Mechanic," with $10).

None of these sound appealing to you? No arguments there. Perhaps now is the time to check out "127 Hours," which expands to its most theaters yet this weekend (916 screens around the country). Trust us: you're going to want to take in that flick — and to watch James Franco get nasty with a pocket knife — before the Academy Awards approach next month. "True Grit," "Black Swan" and "The Fighter" are also all still on over 2,000 screens. All, of course, are worth a trip to the multiplex this weekend.

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Jim CameronBy Friday afternoon, about four hours after he joined Twitter, James Cameron had attracted almost 13,000 followers. The creative force behind Earth's two highest-grossing films has got a long, long way to go if he wants to unseat Lady Gaga (and her 7.9 million followers) as Twitter's most popular presence.

But give the guy some credit. He's off to a solid start. Cameron started by tweeting at Ryan Seacrest, who apparently encouraged the director to join the social networking service. "[H]ere I am. First tweet. I feel younger already," he wrote.

Celebrity convos? Check. That's one way to prove your web clout. Cameron also seems to understand that Twitter offers you the opportunity to interact with fans, so he's already replied to a few users. Best of all, he's displayed a bit of endearing grouchiness and self-aware sarcasm, two qualities that just seem so perfectly Cameronesque.


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SAG AwardsThings are getting crazy in Movie Land. We'd barely caught our breath after the Golden Globe Awards when he had to jet off to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. Now we're back, adjusting to the time difference, and making preparations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night. Don't cry for us — it's our job, and this time of year is possibly the most exciting time to be involved with all things Hollywood.

And, as usual, MTV News is at the center of the action — bringing you live coverage of every red carpet look and juicy news scoop, every winning film and each production that walks away a loser. Our SAG coverage gets started this Sunday, January 39 with live analysis of the red carpet and fresh video from our interviews with the A-list celebs in attendance. You'll be able to find all that content at

Once the show begins at 8 p.m. ET, head over to MTV Movies Blog, where we'll be live-blogging the event. This year's show is looking to be a showdown between "The King's Speech" and "The Fighter," which have each been nominated for four awards. "The Social Network," which dominated the Globes and has been recognized in three SAG categories, could also walk away the night's big winner.

So join us at MTV News this Sunday for everything there is to know about the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Trailers for Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" have gone a long way to emphasize the obstacles the kid encountered on the bumpy road to pop superstardom. "They said it would never happen," reads a title card in one piece of early footage.

It's a point that bears repeating again and again. Bieber was not some overnight sensation, as much as that seems the case at the moment. Rather, he worked his butt off, convinced skeptical record execs to give him a shot, and embraced social networking tools to galvanize his fan base. A brand-new clip, which debuted on "Today" Friday morning, further drives home what seems to be the movie's overriding theme: never give up, never back down and, yes, never say never. Read More...

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You can't keep this sort of insane, troubling, hilarious, cringe-inducing footage locked away in an editing suite. If you create a literal crotch rocket that shoots a fiery projectile from one man's groin to another man's buttocks, that footage must see the light of day.

<a href="">Jackass 3.5 (Exclusive Trailer Premiere)</a>

Johnny Knoxville and his stunt-crazed pals understand these basic facts. That's why they're unleashing "Jackass 3.5," a follow-up to last year's $170 million-grossing 3-D flick. But instead of releasing the footage on DVD — as they did for "Jackass 2.5," the extension of their 2006 theatrical release — Jackass and Paramount have teamed up with Joost to premiere the new flick online in a series of episodes starting on April 1. New installments will appear online weekly. Only later on will the full footage will land on DVD. Read More...

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Carrie UnderwoodAs "American Idol" continues its latest search on Thursday evening for the next big thing in pop culture, both contestants and the show's producers might want to take time out to peep the new trailer for "Soul Surfer." Why? Well, aside from showcasing a bit of shark-vs-human-arm action that's reason enough to warrant a viewing, the flick co-stars fourth-season "Idol" winner Carrie Underwood in her feature film debut.

Open your eyes, "Idol" wannabes: this is what a true superstar looks like. But Underwood is easing into Hollywood, taking a backseat in "Soul Surfer" to AnnaSophia Robb, who stars as Bethany Hamilton, the real-life wave-rider who lost her left arm in a vicious shark attack. Debuting over at, the trailer doesn't shy away from spotlighting Hamilton's attack (though we doubt the film will be as unsparing in its focus as was "127 Hours," which fixated on James Franco's self-amputation for what seemed like, oh, forever). The shark chomp-in-question features screaming, shaky camerawork, and a lot of foamy water; alas, there's no blood. Underwood plays a church youth leader who doles out inspirational lines like, "I don't know why terrible things happen to us sometimes, but I have to believe something good is going to come out of this." Read More...

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Franco and HathawayThey've got Icarus-inspired high-tops and T-shirts that warn, "Oscar Host-in-Training." What they don't seem to have, unfortunately, is a clue. Welcome to the lives of James Franco and Anne Hathaway in the run up to their joint hosting gig of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards (or, at least, their lives as presented in one of two new promos for the award show).

The promo casts Franco and Hathaway as sweetly naive newbies attempting to prepare for the worst possible live-show disasters: a potentially breast-revealing wardrobe malfunction, a mid-dance mishap that leaves Hathaway flying across the stage. Another ad shows them, perhaps less creatively, working on their promotional lines. Are they effective ads? Do the 15-second spots make us want to tune into the proceedings on February 27? Because, for better or worse, it won't just be the quality of the program and its winners that establish the show's legacy but the number of viewers who tune to watch it all unfold. Read More...

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Will FerrellSan Diego's most delightful news team is getting back together, but instead of reporting on pregnant pandas while wearing butterfly collars, the guys will be slinging paper in good ol' Scranton, Pennsylvania. Yep, word broke yesterday that Will Ferrell and Steve Carell — co-stars of 2004's "Anchorman" — will be sharing the screen once again, this time on Carell's home turf, otherwise known as NBC's "Office."

Word is that Ferrell will be appearing for a four-episode arc as a branch manager at Dunder Mifflin whose inappropriateness is rivaled only by that of Carell's Michael Scott. Ferrell, of course, has mastered the art of awkward, uncomfortable, beyond-all-reason behavior. Here are five roles we're hoping the comedian draws on for his turn on "The Office."

Allen Gamble ("The Other Guys")
Ferrell played a cop opposite Mark Wahlberg in one of last year's highest-grossing comedies, and their odd-couple interactions gave the movie its soul. His performance was perfectly calibrated for "The Office": excruciating, hilarious, and leaving viewers with the thought, "Man, I'm glad I don't work with anyone like that!"


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Sarah PalinMTV Movies' pop culture radar rarely crosses into the realm of American politics. When it comes to the passing of laws, the jostling for influence, the occasional plunge into corruption, our coverage usually stays strictly in matters of fiction: "Frost/Nixon," "W," the vastly underrated but actually enlightening Eddie Murphy vehicle, "The Distinguished Gentleman."

Wednesday, however, brought us the opportunity to dip our digital pen into real-world political ink. Following President Barack Obama's State of the Union address the previous evening — during which he emphasized the importance of "winning the future" — former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took to Fox News with a cutting retort.

"His theme last night was WTF, winning the future," she said during an interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. "I thought, okay, that acronym — spot on. There were a lot of WTF moments throughout that speech."

Now, when it comes to WTF moments, MTV knows more than a thing or two. For two straight years, the Movie Awards has put forth an entire category devoted to honoring America's best WTF moments. Does Obama's speech measure up? Was Palin overstating the case? Take a look at some of MTV's past WTF honorees and let us know whose side you're on.

Jumping in the Poop Shed: Ayush Mahesh Khedekar in "Slumdog Millionaire"
"Slumdog" may have been the feel-good movie of 2008, but this particular scene was all sorts of wrong. The young boy worships a pop culture icon so dearly, he's willing to plunge into a festering pit of poop to meet him. How many Palin and Obama supporters would fight through such stomach-churning obstacles for the opportunity to say, "OMG, I love you?"


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