'Land of the Lost'Adventure is the name of the game at the movies this weekend. We've got "Land of the Lost," which features a plucky trio flung into a land of dinosaurs, Sleestaks and Pakunis. Then there's "Away We Go," in which a young couple expecting their first child decides to travel the country in order to find the perfect place to raise it. Finally we have the boys of "The Hangover," who are on the hunt for their friend after one wild bachelor party.

They're wildly different stories and genres, but at their heart they're all about getting away... far away. I've decided to honor this group of daredevils by running through five of Hollywood's most fantastic journeys. It's really tough to narrow it to just five, but I'm hoping that you'll share some of your favorites in the comments below. Together we can make this the list to end all lists! Yes we can! Read More...

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Amanda SeyfriedI'm beginning to think the gang over at Summit Entertainment has a thing for star-crossed lovers. As you know, they're the studio that's bringing you so much "Twilight," as well as Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me." Now they've moved on to that other famous young couple, Romeo and Juliet. According to Variety, they have recruited Amanda Seyfried, Gael Garcia Bernal, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero to star in "Letters to Juliet."

"Letters" is loosely based on the book by Lise and Ceil Friedman, which collects the real-life letters sent to William Shakespeare's Juliet. Though she sprang entirely from Shakespeare's imagination, Verona legend has assigned her a home, a tomb, and a balcony that is popular destination for visitors and weddings. Letters have been sent to Juliet since the Victorian era, but they've increased over the years, particularly whenever a new film adaptation comes out. She's become a bit of a saint to the lovelorn, who write to her begging for sympathy and advice. Read More...

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Ridley ScottThere are few movies as iconic and as beloved by fans of science fiction as Ridley Scott's 1982 film, "Blade Runner." Even today, Scott's dystopian vision of the future feels fresh and threatening, and the story he built within it remains a nightmare ride. If you ever wished you could spend more time in that neo-noir landscape then you're in luck: a "Blade Runner"-inspired web series called "Purefold" is in the works.

Ridley, Tony and Luke Scott are developing the project under their RSA Films shingle, and are working alongside independent studio Ag8. The series will be made up of five to 10 minute shorts set one or two years in our future, roughly a decade before the time period of Scott's 1982 film. The plot will eventually carry into the film's era, with the plot being shaped along the way based on audience feedback, similar to Ag8's British sitcom "Where are the Joneses?" Read More...

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Cam GigandetEarlier this year, Emma Stone decided to emulate Nathaniel Hawthorne's Hester Prynne (you know, "The Scarlet Letter") for an "Easy A." She was quickly joined by Amanda Bynes, but with the film set to begin shooting in a few days, she'll need additional people to help and shame her towards a bad reputation. Variety has the list of who those people will be: Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, Alyson Michalka, Thomas Haden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, Penn Badgley, Malcolm McDowell and Daniel Bird.

The plot has changed a little since it was last in the trades. Initially, Stone was going to play a student who faked being promiscuous in order to gain attention. Now she's a student who is ostracized thanks to a false rumor of her behaving badly with the guys, and she decides to use the rumor mill to her advantage. She pits puritanical students and teachers against their liberal, free-lovin' counterparts. Hilarity and life lessons ensue. Read More...

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Robert PattinsonWhat is best in life for you Twilighters and RPattz fans? News that Pattinson has been cast in a movie. What's second best in life? Surely it has to be who is starring with him, right? Well, you have your answer when it comes to Pattinson's latest film, "Remember Me," because Variety reports that he is being joined by Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, and Chris Cooper, with actress Lena Olin in negotiations to jump in as well.

The latest casting additions reveal more about the plot... and you might want to start stocking up on those boxes of Kleenex. Pattinson plays a young man who has lost his brother to suicide, an event which left him traumatized and his parents (played by Brosnan and potentially Olin) separated. De Ravin's character also comes with her own traumatic baggage, since she witnessed the violent death of her mother. She's used it as the impetus to live her life to the very fullest. Cooper will play her father. Read More...

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Jack NicholsonIf a girl you liked had Jack Nicholson as a father, would you be too scared to ask her out? Even if that girl was Reese Witherspoon? I would think so, but then this isn't a situation I would ever find myself in. Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson will however, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Nicholson is "in talks" to take the role in an untitled romantic comedy from James L. Brooks.

The romantic comedy stars Reese Witherspoon as a professional softball player who is torn between two handsome, available men: Rudd, a nice, ordinary guy, and Wilson, a rakish fellow with one heck of a fastball. It clocks in at 94 miles an hour. This is an important point. I'm not sure why, but that's about as specific as THR gets with regards to the story. Read More...

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Emile HirschCatherine Hardwicke and her "Lords of Dogtown" star Emile Hirsch are reuniting for a trip to the rotten state of Denmark. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hirsch is set to play Hamlet in Hardwicke's big screen adaptation of the Shakespeare play.

Of course, they won't really be going to Denmark. Hirsch helped develop a modern retelling that will deal with the same themes -- a young man who must decide whether or not to avenge his father's murder by killing his uncle -- but will take place in contemporary America. Don't expect a lot of "To be or not to be" soliloquies, as this "Hamlet" will sport a new script penned by Ron Nyswaner ("Philadelphia"). Joining Hirsch and Hardwicke are "Milk" producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, who say their goal is "to present the story as a suspense thriller. We want to make it exciting and accessible for an audience today." Read More...

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WaldoEvery week, there's at least one story from the trades that makes you very worried about the future of film. Sometimes it's an ill-conceived remake of a beloved classic, but often it's just a really weak concept like "Stretch Armstrong" or "Candyland." This week's story falls into the latter category, as Variety reports that Universal has acquired the rights to the "Where's Waldo?" series. Several studios craved the property, but Uni emerged from the bidding triumphant.

You remember Martin Handford's "Where's Waldo" books, of course. They're filled with dizzying, full page illustrations of very detailed crowd scenes that make you go cross-eyed looking for Waldo and his distinctive bobble hat. There is never any text or story to go along with it; each page is simply a mind game in which you have to locate Waldo in whatever bizarre scene he's wandered into. They were always causing a lot of giggles in my school, as there were always very risque things going on around Waldo. As we all know, nothing makes kids laugh more than cartoon nudity. Read More...


50 CentI think Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson might be aiming to be cast in every single movie made this year. Though he was ultimately dropped as one of "The Expendables," he's racked up roles in "13," "Dead Man Running," "Twelve" and, most recently, one half of "Jekyll and Hyde." The tireless rap star and actor isn't out of steam yet, as he has just signed on to star in "Caught in the Crossfire." Jackson joins a cast that includes Chris Klein, Adam Rodriguez ("CSI Miami"), and Richard T. Jones ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles").

According to Variety, "Crossfire" is the feature debut of director Brian Miller, and will be based on his script. The story follows two homicide detectives who are investigating a gang-related homicide. The investigation apparently goes to some pretty dark places, as the two cops end up evading unfriendly fire from both the gang and a group of dirty cops. Jackson will play a gang member who reluctantly becomes an informer for the detectives. Read More...

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Floria Sigismondi's punk girl biopic "The Runaways" may still be short a few bandmembers, but the director may be making room for a boy: Michael Shannon, the buzzed-about character actor who finally snagged an Oscar nomination this year for his performance in "Revolutionary Road." Scheduling conflicts could keep him from rocking out in "The Runaways," but The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Shannon is currently "in negotiations" to play alongside Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning's Cherie Currie.

What's not specified is which of the few male roles Shannon is interested in. It is possible that the actor might be playing music producer Kim Fowley. While the idea of an all-girl band really belonged to Joan Jett and Sandy West, it was their associations with Fowley that helped them recruit other the other band members. Fowley's marketing helped The Runaways become a phenomenon, but rumors abound about his treatment of the musicians. In the 2004 documentary "Edgeplay," members of The Runaways accused him of pitting the girls against each other professionally, as well as subjecting them to verbal and sexual abuse.

A controversial character like Fowley is certainly something an actor like Shannon could sink his teeth into. However, there are other men who were involved in the personal and professional lives of The Runaways, so this is all speculation on my part. For now, let's just be happy that the biopic is attracting such a variety of talent.

MTV readers: are you looking forward to "The Runaways"? Who else would you like to see cast in the all girl band? How do you feel about "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning being on board?

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