The Proposal1. "The Proposal" ($12.4 million)
2. "The Hangover" ($8.5 million)
3. "Year One" ($8.5 million)
4. "Up" ($6.1 million)
5. "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" ($3.2 million)

All bachelor parties end with a wedding, even when it comes to the story of the box office. Audiences finally shook off "The Hangover" on Friday night, and instead accepted "The Proposal" of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Read More...

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Cam GigandetEarlier this week, I joked about how every week seems to bring a new project for Leonardo DiCaprio. He has officially been beaten by "Twilight" veteran Cam Gigandet, who seems to snag a new project every single day. The latest finds him in Oscar-winning company, as Variety reports that Gigandet will join Adrien Brody, Elijah Wood and Forest Whitaker in "The Experiment."

"The Experiment" will be directed by Paul Scheuring ("Prison Break") from his own screenplay. It's a remake of the 2001 German film "Das Experiment," which centers on a group of ordinary men recruited to take part in a psychological research study. They're divided up and put into prison. Some land jobs as guards, others are locked up as prisoners, all with the intent of studying how they react to their assigned roles, and to positions of power and control. Read More...

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Shaker HeightsIt’s not every day that a high school prank hits the newswire. A high school senior in Shaker Heights, Ohio, made headlines by designing a yearbook cover that hid an a F-bomb of a farewell salute. He was forced to apologize and the school quickly recalled the yearbooks, but most seniors are holding onto their obscene copies in salute to their artistic prankster. At Shaker’s graduation ceremony last week, he was hailed as a hero of the senior class, receiving loudest applause and the most cheers of any student as he accepted his diploma.

So, to salute the hero of Shaker Heights and every other senior prankster, I’ve compiled five of the best high school movie pranks. It’s hard to narrow it down to just five because they’re a staple of comedies, drama and horror alike. Keep that genre-spanning in mind if you’re dreaming of pranking your school because for every Jeff Spicoli, there’s a Carrie White. Read More...

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Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon is going to play a drug dealer... but not the kind that runs drugs across borders or deals in shady corners. She'll instead be the kind who deals out prescription meds at the pharmacy counter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon is taking the lead in the cleverly titled "Pharm Girl," and will be producing it under her Type A banner.

The story centers on a woman who gets a job at a top pharmaceutical company, and rises quickly through the ranks, probably after doing her time hawking drugs, pens and pads to doctors and hospitals all across our great nation. As she becomes more successful within the company, she begins to see it's seedy underbelly. Read More...

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Year OneThis weekend we get to find out exactly what happened in "Year One." Or at least what Hollywood thinks happened. As you know, they tend to fudge the historical facts for a better story and... wait. This a comedy? Not a serious Biblical epic? My bad.

In honor of "Year One," I've decided to dig up five movies that tell just what happened in the years after. If IMDB is to be trusted, "year movies" will be a trend in the next few years. There's Roland Emmerich's latest vision of the apocalypse, "2012," along with "1066" (the Norman Invasion of England), "1777" (A pretty big year for the American colonies) and "1906" (The San Fransisco Earthquake). Date titles aren't just the new hotness however. Just look at these, all of which came out long before 6/17/09... Read More...

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Sean Penn"The Three Stooges" are down to Two. Sean Penn has said "soitenly not" to the Farrelly Bros.' "Stooges" revival, and walked away from the project, leaving Moe and Curly without their Larry. Quick, somebody call Shemp!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Penn is dropping out of "Stooges," as well as the thriller "Cartel." The actor's sudden change in plans is based on the need to spend more time with his family. Sources say that he may keep away from movie-making for as long as a year, though the two-time Oscar winner gave no set timetable. Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn have been in and out of the tabloids for their marital woes. Who can really blame them for taking a little personal time?

Maybe the Farrelly Bros., who are facing a collapse of their "Stooges" remake. While Universal plans to move forward with "Cartel" and recast the leading role, "Stooges" has really been left in the lurch. The writer/director siblings have spent years trying to get their slap-happy film off the ground. They scored a big victory in landing Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro for the cast. "Stooges" was scheduled to begin shooting in August and MGM had set a release date of 2010.

Now the Farrellys need to decide whether they'll recast the part or wait for Penn, a delay that could cost them the other two Stooges. There's even a possibility that the entire film could be scrapped. That's certainly what MTV's Larry Carroll is hoping for. THR notes that "half of Hollywood would poke their eyes out for the part," so maybe the casting fun, drama and violence is just beginning...

MTV readers, are you sorry to see Sean Penn take a break from the big screen? What do you think should happen to "The Three Stooges" remake? If it goes forward, who would you like to see replace Penn as Larry?

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'The Bride of Frankenstein'Universal's movie monsters are the stuff of cinematic legend. While Frankenstein & Company might not scare us like they used to, those old black and white horror flicks are still a lot of fun to watch on a late October night. Even so, it's not surprising that the studio is looking to update and remake their library.

Universal has "The Wolf Man" coming this fall with Benicio Del Toro in the lead. They've also been talking about a remake of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" for years. Now Uni is looking to breathe -- or electrify, as the case may be -- new life into "The Bride of Frankenstein." Read More...


Natalie PortmanDarren Aronofsky has been lying low since all the critical acclaim heaped on him after "The Wrestler." He's just been quietly developing his "Robocop" reboot. The talented director also has another project up his sleeve, one that might just take flight before "Robocop" thanks to the addition of Natalie Portman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Portman is attached to star in Aronofsky's next project, "Black Swan."

"Swan" is a supernatural thriller set in the New York City ballet. It follows a veteran ballerina (Portman) who finds herself in a tight competition with a rival dancer. With a big performance on the horizon, the rivalry between them becomes fierce and ugly. While that could be vicious enough territory for a film to explore, the ballerina must face an even more terrifying question: whether her rival is even real or just a delusion. A lot of comparisons to made here to "The Others," the Nicole Kidman ghost story where all was not as it seemed... but not before we all wept in terror. Well, at least I did. Read More...

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Leonardo DiCaprioI feel like I write a Leonardo DiCaprio story every week here on the MTV Movies Blog. There doesn't seem to be a single movie in development that he's not attached to as an actor or a producer, and he has everything on his slate from live action anime adaptations ("Akira" may have died, but "Ninja Scroll" is still alive and well) to mobster thrillers. He is a busy, busy guy.

Now, the actor is set to explore the world of online poker in an untitled project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. DiCaprio and Paramount have picked up an untitled pitch from Brian Koppelman and David Levien. Leo star and produce via his Appian Way banner. Read More...


Denzel Washington1. "The Hangover" ($33.4 million)
2. "Up" ($30.5 million)
3. "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" ($25 million)
4. "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" ($9.6 million)
5. "Land of the Lost" ($9.1 million)

Saturday moviegoers finally left Las Vegas, and took a ride with Denzel Washington and John Travolta, helping "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" earn a few more subway tokens. Read More...

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