Denzel WashingtonIt seems that not even movies are safe in our troubled economic times. We saw Sony let the air out of "Moneyball" days before it was to start filming. Now Fox has put the brakes on "Unstoppable," Tony Scott's directorial follow-up to "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3."

The studio was leery of the film's big action-heavy budget, and The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Scott, Denzel Washington, and Chris Pine had not yet signed to the film. All three were simply operating under the assumption that they'd be shooting in the fall. Now, Variety reports that Washington has formally left the project, and is looking for another film to fill his fall schedule. Read More...

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Max SteelParamount has decided it wants to continue being a Toys 'R Us kid by bringing yet another Mattel toy to the big screen. Variety reports that the studio loves playing with their G.I. Joes so much that they've decided to bring another Mattel action figure to the big screen: daredevil Max Steel.

Steel is a 19 year old extreme sports star who becomes fused with nano technology that turns him into a superhuman. He uses his enhanced strength, speed, cloaking power and invisibility to battle shadowy terrorist figures. Read More...

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Jason StathamConfession time! I regard every Jason Statham movie as a special treasure, perfect for those awkward Sunday nights when you need something quick and violent to pop into the DVD player. He's the closest thing we've got to the glorious days of 1980s action machismo, and whenever he nabs a new part, I'm counting down the days to the theatrical release.

Happily, there's a new one to put on my calender! Variety reports that Statham is set to take the lead in "Blitz," a thriller directed by Elliott Lester ("Love is the Drug"). Read More...

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Bruno1. "Bruno" ($30.4 million)
2. "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" ($28.5 million)
3. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" ($24.2 million)
4. "Public Enemies" ($14.1 million)
5. "The Proposal" ($10.5 million)

"Bruno" has beaten "Borat" at the box office. The fabulous fashionista scored a $30.4 million debut as of Saturday, a more impressive take than Sacha Baron Cohen's other social satire, which opened to $26.5 million in November 2006. Of course, "Borat" also went on to take an estimated $128.5 million. Moving from Friday night sales to Saturday night, "Bruno" saw box office receipts decline by 39%. Read More...

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Bruno1. "Brüno" ($14.2 million)
2. "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" ($8.7 million)
3. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" ($7.6 million)
4. "Public Enemies" ($4.3 million)
5. "The Proposal" ($3.5 million)

"Bruno" has finally made a name for himself in Hollywood! Sacha Baron Cohen's latest R-rated cultural satire nabbed the top spot this weekend, making a fashionable debut of $14.2 million. Though his reviews (71% at Rotten Tomatoes) and ticket sales are solid, Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that the gay Austrian fashionista might just be a little too shocking for audiences. "It only earned a "C" Cinemascore indicating domestic moviegoers didn't like what they saw -- perhaps because of the unexpectedly in-your-face male genitalia." Read More...

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Mel GibsonWhat a strange and winding road films take! When I first reported on "The Beaver" it was a blurb on Steve Carell's pre-production slate. The story of a depressed man and his beaver puppet seemed like a natural fit for the actor, who often veers into tragi-comedy in his movie and television roles.

The plot thickened when Jim Carrey expressed interest. In addition, rumors put Jodie Foster behind the camera. We've now reached "stranger in a strange land" territory, as Mel Gibson appears to be stepping into the leading role. Read More...

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Nicole KidmanRecently, Nicole Kidman has attracted a lot of criticism for her performances and several box office failures. Even her detractors can't deny however that she's willing to take risks, and that she has an eye for intriguing projects.

Kidman's latest is no exception. Variety reports that she will team up with the BBC to adapt Chris Cleave's novel, "Little Bee." Kidman will star and produce the film under her Blossom Films shingle, and Shawn Slovo ("A World Apart") will pen the screenplay. Read More...

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Will SmithThere's no adventure too big or too small for Will Smith to tackle, no journey too epic for him to take onscreen. The moment a film with a title like "The City That Sailed" is announced, you probably think "Oh yeah, that'll probably star Will Smith. He could sail an entire city." And you would be right! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith is attached to star in the fantastical drama, and the film may reunite him with director Francis Lawrence ("I Am Legend").

Written by Andrew Niccol ("Lord of War"), the story focuses on a New York street magician and his young daughter. The two are separated thanks to unhappy family circumstances, and the daughter moves to England. One day while exploring a lighthouse she discovers a room filled with magic candles on which she wishes, birthday party-style, to be reunited with her father. The bond between them is so strong that her wish causes the entire island of Manhattan to break away, and float to England. The magical candles probably have something to do with it too. Read More...

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Tobey MaguireTobey Maguire is really making up for lost time. He briefly dropped out of the spotlight after "Spider-Man 3," choosing to focus on family rather than film roles. He's making a return with "Brothers," due out later this year, and has subsequently lined up roles in "The Limit," "Good People" and possibly "Robotech." Of course, there's also that little movie called "Spider-Man 4" on the horizon. While Maguire waits for his enormous pre-production slate to come together, he'll be joining Elizabeth Banks in Jacob Estes' indie black comedy "The Details."

The plot revolves around a young married couple who are struggling with infidelity and a rocky relationship, as well as a pack of hungry raccoons that burrow into their backyard. The bickering couple can't agree on how best to get rid of them, and it creates a terrible chain reaction of events that culminates in someone getting murdered by bow and arrow. Read More...

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Will ForteMove over MacGuyer... here comes MacGruber! Variety reports that Will Forte's bumbling spy is on his way to the big screen like so many "Saturday Night Live" characters before him. Expect considerably bigger explosions, more gum wrappers and deeper personal issues in this outing.

If you've never seen the "SNL" sketch and you can't figure out the joke purely from the character's name, allow me to recap. MacGruber (played by Forte) is a spoof of 1980s TV action hero MacGuyver, whose ability to get out of tight spots using common household items as bombs, weapons or lockpicks made him a legend. Unfortunately, MacGruber lacks those skills, or he is too distracted by his personal troubles to put them to use. Every skit ends with the character and his assistants dying in an explosion, only to be resurrected the following week. Read More...

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