Captain America & HulkFROM SPLASH PAGE: After director Louis Leterrier hinted that the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, would be making a cameo appearance in this summer's "Incredible Hulk," the internet has been a'buzzin' with fans calling shenanigans after the Star Spangled Avenger never materialized in the theatrical release.

However, with the release of the new "Incredible Hulk" DVD, those who were hoping to see Cap make his cinematic debut (yes, debut -- we're just gonna forget about the original 1990 film) can finally catch a glimpse -- and the key word being "glimpse" -- of Cap and his mighty shield thanks to the new highly-touted alternate opening scene which takes place in the Arctic Circle, where a despondent Bruce Banner goes to kill himself having failed to come up with a cure for his curse.

Read more about the deleted Captain America cameo in "Incredible Hulk" (and see an image of Cap's "cameo") at!

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: With the internet absolutely a’blaze over the recent announcement that Kenneth Branagh could possibly be the director on Marvel’s upcoming “Thor” film, Splash Page decided to get current “Thor” comics writer J. Michael Straczynski’s take on the news.

“Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone better suited to this,” said Straczynski, who is more widely known as the creator of “Babylon 5” and more recently, the screenwriter of the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed Oscar contender “Changeling.” "'Thor,' at his best, has always had a classical bent to the character in terms of his history, the way he speaks, and the often Shakespearean intrigues and dramas that surround him." Read More...

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Eva MendesFROM SPLASH PAGE: In an interview with MTV News last week, Nic Cage insisted that, not only were talks moving forward for “Ghost Rider 2,” but they had progressed to a point where both villains and locations were bandied about.

“It looks like it will take place in Europe and the character will work with the [Catholic] Church,” he said. “It’ll be a completely new experience.”

Cage is obviously enthusiastic - but is everybody?

“No, I think ‘Ghost Rider’ had its moment,” co-star Eva Mendes told MTV, more or less echoing statements she made last May. “I don't know about a sequel, but I don’t think it needs one.” Read more...

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Jamie KingThis January, expect to see more of Jamie King on the silver screen – a lot more!

In addition to playing Loreli, one of the femme fatales in Frank Miller’s “The Spirit,” King will also be taking on the role of Sarah Palmer in the upcoming remake of the cult classic, “My Bloody Valentine.” However, those expecting to see just a straight-forward remake are in for a treat, as this version will not only be a 3D film, but also be shot in 4K – a new version of HD filming that’s taking movie-watching to a whole new level.

“Normal HD is 2000 [pixels], [“My Bloody Valentine 3D”] is shot at 4000, and it’s done with 3D, so it’s not like random things flying at you. It’s literally the whole’re in the movie,” explained King. “Lionsgate’s doing a great job of being involved with these films that are really taking it to the next level, so I’m really excited about that.” Read More...

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Nicolas Cage in 'Ghost Rider'FROM SPLASH PAGE: The sequel to 2007's "Ghost Rider" has been in development flux for some time now -- even leading some of the film's stars to wonder if the follow-up is even happening at all -- but apparently, no one mentioned this to Nic Cage.

In an interview with MTV News, Cage -- who has been garnering much press with the recent announcement that he'd be joining the cast of "Kick-Ass" -- talked about "Ghost Rider 2," and if you're to believe him, the film is most certainly going to happen -- and it'll have some help from a higher power. "There have been talks and good ones with where to go with the character," explained Cage. "It looks like it will take place in Europe and the character will work with the [Catholic] Church. It’ll be a completely new experience. It’s exciting." Read More...

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Guy PearceFROM SPLASH PAGE: Rumors continue to swirl around the already highly-anticipated follow-up to "The Dark Knight": some have already been debunked, while others are only starting to heat up -- namely that of who will be playing the Riddler (that is, if the Riddler even is a villain in the next film). While Johnny Depp has been the most talked-about actor whenever the role comes up, he isn't the only actor who'd be interested in reading for the part.

In a recent sit down with MTV News, Guy Pearce (long mentioned as a potential candidate due to his relationship with the "Momento" helmer) stated to us that he'd be interested in taking a look at the role (or any role in the film) so long as Christopher Nolan was still on board as director.

Read More about the potential of Guy Pearce as The Riddler on MTV's Splash Page.

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'Red Sonja'FROM SPLASH PAGE: With the upcoming "Red Sonja" film starring Rose McGowan hitting theaters next year, is it too early to start talking about a possible sequel? Not if you're Splash Page!

Catching up with director Douglas Aarniokoski, we asked if there were any preliminary thoughts on any follow-ups or other films from the Red Sonja universe of characters, and while Aarniokoski obviously wouldn't (or quite possibly, couldn't) elaborate, he did drop some clues. "I mean, if we start to talk about that, I start to give away the third act," he said. "Yes, let’s just say yes. It’s definitely got franchise written all over it." Read More...

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Vin DieselFROM SPLASH PAGE: In a recent interview with MTV, Vin Diesel was asked -- given his stock as an action film star -- why he hasn't made the foray into comic book movies. While he gave numerous reasons, Diesel made it clear that he's looking for a unique take on comic book films. Meaning? He wants to play a certain mysterious Marvel villain...and a complex one at that. Check out his full answer in the video after the jump, and then read our speculation as to who he's talking about. Read More...


SupermanFROM SPLASH PAGE: Last week, Warner Bros. announced that they would be making some major changes with their film franchises based on the rampant success of "The Dark Knight." However, despite mentions of "Batman 3” and the possibility of at least two new franchises starting up, the one topic that seems to be on everyone's minds is "Superman," and how Warner Bros. not only plans to reboot the franchise after the disappointing box office from "Superman Returns," but to give the film a much darker tone and feel.

Immediately, fan reaction ran the gamut of those who were thrilled to hear about a "Dark Knight"-influenced Superman to those who equate a meaner, nastier Superman as sacrilege. And these reactions certainly weren't limited to the fan-fueled message boards, comic book writers and artists were also quick to voice their opinions on the new directive. Read More...

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MTV True LifeAre you the type of hardcore fan that not only dresses up for conventions as your favorite comic, anime or video game character, but laughs at others who have less-than-accurate costumes? Do you camp out in front of theaters for movie openings, toy stores for video game releases, or at convention halls just to be in the front row for a panel? Do you hope to one day be the next Jim Lee or Grant Morrison, and are willing to pursue that dream at all costs? And does your family and loved ones look at your lifestyle like you're crazy?

If so, then MTV's award-winning documentary series "True Life" wants to hear from you!

MTV's "True Life" is currently accepting applications for its upcoming episode, "True Life: I'm a Fanboy," where they will document the day to day lives of dedicated followers of comics, anime and video games. For more information, check out the application here for more details and then e-mail with your story.


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