'Conan'FROM SPLASH PAGE: When last we heard from "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner, who had previously denied rumors he was attached to a big-screen "Conan" revamp, he was telling MTV News who he'd like to see take on the "Conan" role made famous by a certain Governor of California.

And for someone who, by his own admission, isn't officially attached to the new project featuring one of US President Barack Obama's all-time favorite comic book characters, Ratner certainly knows quite a bit about the new "Conan" movie -- and it looks like "new" seems to be the key word there.

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'Conan'FROM SPLASH PAGE: When last we heard from the "Conan" revamp camp, director Brett Ratner was adamantly dismissing rumors that he'd signed on to direct a "Conan" remake, saying the "Conan" news was premature and his next project would be "Beverly Hills Cop 4."

However, he's certainly not denying his desire to take on Cimmeria's resident berzerker in a big screen update. In fact, the director behind "X-Men: The Last Stand" already has ideas on how he'd handle casting.

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'The Shadow'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Around 2007, rumors of a possible revamp of longtime pulp stalwart "The Shadow" began popping up around the message boards, fueled by veteran producer Michael Uslan's insistence that this time around he'd be offering fans a take on the character that's more true to his roots. Then, when word got out that Sam Raimi was onboard as a fellow producer, fans knew this vision of The Shadow would be vastly different from the 1994 offering.

For those of you holding out hope that Uslan would stay true to his word about a new take on the character, you won't be disappointed.

"I think the one thing going in is we all see The Shadow as more of a force of nature than a specific person in a secret identity," Uslan told MTV in an exclusive interview. "The Shadow may actually be many people."

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'Iron Man'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know that the U.S. economy isn't doing so hot right now. Since you're here for the latest movie news, we'll spare you our personal politics on the state of the dollar -- but we will direct your attention to a just-published report explaining how the nation's economic woes are affecting some of 2010's most anticipated projects, including "Iron Man 2."

According to Variety, major studios will be "proceeding cautiously" in the coming months in terms of greenlighting projects or continuing with currently in-production ones, partly because of a possible SAG strike, but mostly due to the economy. Specifically, the piece points to "Iron Man 2" as an example, saying that potential "Iron Man 2" villain Mickey Rourke was given a low-ball offer of $250,000, and that Samuel L. Jackson may have been offered a similar low quote, leading him to say he might not return to the franchise as Nick Fury just last week.

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SundanceFor the vast majority of us out there who would love to go to this year's Sundance Film Festival but because of dumb things like "work" or "expensive plane tickets" can't, the benevolent technological overlords at Apple have got our hook-up!

In a partnership with Apple's iTunes Music Store, Sundance and Shorts International have announced today that they will make available 10 short films selected to screen during the film festival as free (yup, free) downloads via their online media store (available in the US, UK and Canada only). The offer will only be available starting today through January 25, so film geeks should act now.

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Emily BluntFROM SPLASH PAGE: In terms of "Iron Man 2" casting rumors, this month has been as crazy as one of Tony Stark's comics-infamous benders! Between reports that Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell could have roles in "Iron Man 2", coupled with yesterday's news that Samuel L. Jackson might not return as Nick Fury, there's been no shortage of news to keep fans of ol' Shellhead glued to the interwebs waiting for the latest reports.

Variety has more casting rumors today, and it seems that those rumors a few weeks back about Black Widow joining in on the "Iron Man 2" action were true, as Emily Blunt is now rumored to be the front runner for the role.

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Aaron EckhartFROM SPLASHPAGE: Back in October, the 'Net leaped out of its seat and shouted "Hallelujah!" over the news that Vertigo's groundbreaking series "Preacher" had broken out of development hell and a "Preacher" movie was on its way to the silver screen after Columbia had obtained the rights to the franchise (with Sam Mendes pegged to direct). Heck, we were so excited over the news that we even threw together a "Preacher" casting call!

However, we later discovered that the news of Mendes' attachment to "Preacher" was a bit premature. So, when MTV happened to catch the Oscar-winning director on the red carpet at The Golden Globes, we had to check in and see there had been any movement since the news first broke.

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'Lone Wolf & Cub'FROM SPLASH PAGE: On the very short list of "Directors We'd Like To See Tackle A Comic Book Movie," Darren Aronofsky has a permanent spot among the top three names. Sure, he directed 2006's "The Fountain" and wrote the accompanying Vertigo graphic novel, but we're talking more along the lines of a spandex-clad, super-powered do-gooder out for justice. We got close to our wish back in '02 when Aronofsky was rumored to direct an adaptation of Frank Miller's classic "Batman: Year One" series, but that project eventually fell by the wayside.

However, we occasionally hear blips on the comic book film radar about a possible adaptation of the iconic manga series "Lone Wolf & Cub," which follows a disgraced Shogun's executioner on a quest for vengeance with his three-year-old son in tow. And while Aronofsky has stated that "Lone Wolf & Cub" isn't on his upcoming slate of films, it never hurts to check in with him in regards to the manga masterpiece.

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Mickey Rourke'FROM SPLASH PAGE: While we’ve been spending most of the week so far focusing on the award nominations being heaped upon “The Dark Knight” and updating you on the “Watchmen” legal battles, it seems as though Marvel films has been chugging right along with “Iron Man 2” casting — and it looks like they’ve added yet another big name to the upcoming, highly-anticipated sequel.

This afternoon, Variety broke the news that Mickey Rourke — currently going through a career resurrection after his critically-acclaimed performance in “The Wrestler” — is in talks with Marvel Entertainment to possibly play Crimson Dynamo in “Iron Man 2,” adding to the already impressive list of actors — namely Tim Robbins and Sam Rockwell — who are currently rumored to be in negotiations to join the production.

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'Watchmen'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Okay, "Watchmen" fans -- mark your calendars for January 20, because it looks like that's "D-Day" for the final decision on whether the film will be released on its original premiere date of March 6.

The L.A. Times is reporting today that lawyers for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. have come to an agreement to allow U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess to decide if Warner Bros. should be allowed to release "Watchmen" this spring as planned, therefore eschewing a potentially lengthy jury trial that would most likely cause the film to be delayed even further.

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