'Star Trek'Much to the chagrin of the hardcore Trekkies out there, this weekend, just about everyone played the role of a "Star Trek" geek, as J.J. Abrams' revamp of the classic sci fi franchise surprised even the number crunchers at Paramount with a jaw-dropping $76.5M opening weekend (which included Thursday showings) -- exceeding the studio's earlier high hopes of a $75M debut, and well surpassing the safe-bet $50M estimate going into the film's wide release.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, the film's box office take this weekend -- which is currently being cited as official numbers from Paramount -- proved that "Star Trek" not only attracted those die-hard fans of the beloved TV and film series, but also pulled in healthy numbers of casual viewers who don't know a Romulan from a Talosian. Clearly, overwhelming critical acclaim coupled with strong word of mouth played a huge role in the film's success, as the film will easily become the #1 movie in America, and hopefully setting a course for more "Star Trek" films in the future. Read More...

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'Star Trek'Call it a foregone conclusion, but if we learned anything from last week's opening numbers for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," it's that very little will keep the geek contingent away from the multiplex this summer. So when J.J. Abrams' insanely-anticipated "Star Trek" revamp beamed into theaters on Thursday night, we knew it was going to open big, but no one -- including industry analysts, apparently -- predicted the types of numbers the film has garnered so far.

Indeed, according to sources close to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily, "Star Trek" has pulled in some rather surprising figures since it opened wide on Thursday night, to the tune of an estimated $32M over the past two days. Granted, we won't have official numbers until after the weekend, but should these types of numbers continue to stay true, the sci fi epic could hit the high watermark of $75M predicted earlier by Paramount execs. Read More...

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'Star Trek' director J.J. AbramsLast weekend, moviegoers proved that neither swine flu scares nor rough-cut leaks nor tight budgets would keep fans from getting their fix at the multiplex, as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" kicked off the summer movie season with an impressive $87M opening. Likewise, for a vast number of summer film fans, seeing how much a potential blockbuster makes on its opening weekend is almost as fun and exciting as actually watching them -- and J.J. Abrams' ridiculously-anticipated "Star Trek" reboot looks to be no exception.

That being said, now that "Star Trek" has opened wide after last night's showings, let the prediction game begin! According to a post over at Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily, early estimates show the film pulling in upwards of $9M last night, thus setting a course for a possible $75M weekend gross. But with a staggering number of good reviews for the film, coupled with an equally incredible number of showtimes around the globe, will "Trek" surprise the odds-makers? Read More...

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Rob ZombieQuick, do a Google search for Rob Zombie’s “Tyrannosaurus Rex.” We’ll wait…

Short of a 2008 promo image, chances are you saw lots of stories doing the online equivalent of scratching their heads, wondering what, exactly, Zombie’s in-development flick is all about. Some think it’s based on a comic he wrote, others think it has something to do with biker gangs from hell, and most assume it’s another horror offering from the rocker-turned-director.

But according to Zombie, all of them are wrong.

“It’s not a horror movie,” explained Zombie in an exclusive interview with MTV from the set of "Halloween 2." “It's like an incredibly violent '70s action movie. I can’t think of anything that’s like it. Just a gritty, gnarly, violent movie. But it’s not a horror movie in any way.” Read More...

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Public Enemy graphic novelFROM SPLASH PAGE: We’ve seen our share of comic books heroes make the jump from the four-color page to the silver screen over the years, but could we be on the verge of seeing a comic book enemy — better yet, Public Enemy — heading to the multiplex?

While we’re not in the habit of breaking stories based on anonymous sources, a tipster dropped us a line recently and mentioned that the faces of the iconic rap crew — Chuck D and Flavor Flav — are in talks with a major animation studio to produce a feature film based on the band and their recent comic book exploits, with an all-new P.E. album being recorded for the movie. A second, very reliable source then backed up the original tipster’s claim, stating a script is indeed in the works, adding, “The first ‘Public Enemy’ graphic novel collection comes out in May and there is a lot of interest from Hollywood.”

Read more about a possible Public Enemy feature film at SplashPage.MTV.com.

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Back when he was calling the shots on his remake of the classic 1978 slasher flick “Halloween,” director Rob Zombie made it perfectly clear his feelings on revisions, telling MTV News “horror movie remakes for the most part don’t work because they just imitate the original… if you’re going to follow the original then there’s no point because that movie already exists.” And while he included clear tributes to John Carpenter’s original shocker, expect Zombie’s next installment, “H2: Halloween 2,” to be all his own – starting right off at the very beginning with the classic theme music.

“We're going to do something completely different,” Zombie told MTV News. “We haven't gotten to that point yet so we could change our minds, but we want to do something totally different. The movie is very raw and very rough looking so the score has to [reflect that].” Read More...

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'Astro Boy'FROM SPLASH PAGE: If you've been paying attention to Splash Page over the past few months, then you're well aware that we always seem to perk up a bit when any news regarding the CGI-animated adventure "Astro Boy" finds its way over to us. So, when the people behind the film at Summit Entertainment offered us the first look at the new onesheet promo still from the flick, we couldn't say "you betcha" fast enough.

Check out the brand-new promo image after the jump, and if this is the first you're hearing about Astro Boy's rocket-boot jump to the big screen, we've also got a rundown of the latest news surrounding the star-studded adaptation.

To see the new "Astro Boy" promo image and learn more about the film, head over to SplashPage.MTV.com.


'Caliber'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Last year, Splash Page had a chance to catch up with Radical Comics president and publisher Barry Levine, who spoke at length about Radical's "Caliber" -- a retelling of the legend of King Arthur set in America's Wild West era -- and how he and "Caliber" scribe, Sam Sarkar, had hoped to convince director John Woo to helm the adaptation.

Since it's been all quiet on the "Caliber" front since then, we decided to check in with Sarkar to see if there's been any progress on the flick that, ever since Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) came onboard, looks to be on the fast track.

"I just finished the adaptation of the screenplay," Sarkar told MTV News. "Between now and the Cannes Film Festival we're setting it up."

For more on the big-screen adaptation of "Caliber," head over to SplashPage.MTV.com.

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'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'FROM SPLASH PAGE: For those of us who have been continuously blown away by Warner Premiere and DC Comics' line of animated, direct-to-DVD and Blu-ray features thus far, and likewise, have been waiting to hear what other classic tales the studio has in store for us post-"Green Lantern: First Flight," that wait is over.

It looks like Harry Knowles over at AICN got his "grubby hands" (his words, not ours!) on the scoop that "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" will indeed be the followup to Green Lantern's feature film debut. After the jump, we've got the official logo for the flick as well as a synopsis, in case you missed the original Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness comic series.

Read more about the plans for "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" at SplashPage.MTV.com.


Sam WorthingtonFROM SPLASH PAGE: It's been a couple of months (translation: "far too long") since we've heard any crazy casting rumors regarding "Batman 3" -- ever since the blogosphere erupted over since-denied reports that Eddie Murphy and Shia LeBeouf were joining the cast back in December. And while most of the recent attention regarding the follow-up to "The Dark Knight" has been focused on whether Christopher Nolan will settle back into the director's chair, the latest online scuttlebutt now questions if Batman himself, Christian Bale, will don the cape and cowl once more.

In a report coming out of Australia's Herald Sun newspaper this morning, unnamed sources claim that Bale's "Terminator Salvation" co-star, Sam Worthington, may indeed be taking on the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the next installment of the award-winning Batman franchise. As usual, it's important to remember that when it comes to "Batman 3" casting rumors, nothing is confirmed until Warner Bros. says so, but given Bale's recent Internet infamy, could this speculation have some credibility?

For more on the "Batman 3" casting rumor regarding Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, head over to SplashPage.MTV.com.

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