After steamrolling the box office with "Borat," Sacha Baron Cohen came back for seconds with his flamboyant fashionista, Brüno. Like its predecessor, "Brüno" found Cohen crisscrossing the United States in-character to create awkward, often hilarious situations that push the boundaries of normal behavior.

One of those situations involved none other than erstwhile "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul, who was duped into meeting with Brüno under the auspices of receiving an award. As you'll see, it led to one of the more memorable moments of the film. "Brüno" hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 17.

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One of the greatest things HBO ever aired was "Band of Brothers," the deeply emotional tale of a group of American soldiers fighting their way through Europe during World War II. The Emmy-winning miniseries was gritty, poignant, violent, shocking and often with a vein of dark humor...basically all of the experiences of men and women in wartime.

The folks behind "Band of Brothers" were none other than Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who brought their "Saving Private Ryan" expertise to this ultra-realistic outing. Well, now they're back for "The Pacific," which follows three American G.I.'s in the Pacific theater, from their initial landing at Guadalcanal, to Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and all the way through to V-J Day and back stateside.

The ten-part series won't air until March 2010, but you can get a taste for what's in store in the behind-the-scenes featurette below.

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'Up'After last week's jam-packed release schedule led by "G.I. Joe," we're given an opportunity to breath today with only two new theatrical titles coming to market, along with an assortment of action-filled catalog offerings making their way to Blu-ray. This is your DVD Report for Tuesday, November 9.

Disney's Pixar was flying high after the critically and commercially acclaimed "Wall-E," so naturally they looked to the skies for their next animated outing, "Up." The film focuses on Carl Fredricksen, an elderly shut-in who aims to pay homage to his late wife by relocating to the top of a South American paradise the couple had always dreamed of visiting. Equipping his home with hundreds of helium balloons, the house lifts off its foundation and floats away, inadvertently taking with it a young wilderness scout who grows attached to the grumpy septuagenarian at the start of a grand adventure. Read More...

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When he's not tearing up the world stage as a musical superstar, Justin Timberlake dabbles in film. One of his latest projects is "The Open Road," an indie dramedy where Timberlake plays a minor league baseball player who reconnects with his estranged major league father (played by Jeff Bridges) when his mother becomes ill.

The subject matter allows Timberlake to show his acting chops, which he does in the below clip featuring him and Bridges having a heart-to-heart at a local bar. "The Open Road" hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 17.

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The "G.I. Joe" film is nothing if not bombastic, so it's no surprise that there were dozens of special effects wizards working on the many CGI-heavy scenes. One of the flick's most explosive moments concerned an attack on a US Army helicopter resulting in its destruction.

In this exclusive clip from the DVD's bonus features, the crew shows exactly what went into creating that memorable sequence, from multiple angles and computer-generated layers. The film hit Blu-ray and DVD today.

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'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra'After weeks of rather lackluster releases ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" being a prominent exception), we finally have a Tuesday jam-packed with first-run titles and notable catalog additions. From the on-screen debut of an elite military team to John Cusack's ode to love, we're covering them all in this DVD Report for Tuesday, November 3.

For any child of the '80s, the thought of "G.I. Joe" receiving the theatrical treatment was an intriguing proposition, and one fraught with worry. And for die-hard fans of writer Larry Hama's epic "G.I. Joe" comic book run, it was especially scary. In stark contrast to the campy animated series, Hama infused his 155-issue run with deeply developed character arcs, ever-twisting conspiracies and, to his credit, pulled no punches when it came to violence and death. Which "G.I. Joe" would the film rely on for its story and tone? While producers insisted they'd follow the comics -- and even brought Hama on as a creative consultant -- fans remained skeptical. Read More...

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'Stargate' (1994)Fifteen years ago I was planning my nights around episodes of "Mystery Science Theater," programming math cheats into my graphing calculator and filming "60 Minutes"-style interviews with Cobra Commander. I was also madly in love with director Roland Emmerich's "Stargate," the German filmmaker's bold sci-fi experiment in 1994 that foreshadowed his big-budget juggernaut "Independence Day" only two years later. "Stargate" is now bowing on Blu-ray as a "15th Anniversary Edition," and it's one of a handful of notable releases during an otherwise forgettable DVD week.

"Stargate" finds Kurt Russell as a suicidal, no-nonsense military officer tasked to lead a group of battle-hardened veterans -- and soft-skinned ninny scientist James Spader -- through a newly discovered wormhole to an unknown destination. The other side winds up being a sandy desert planet whose native inhabitants have kept their human slaves in bondage under the guise of ancient Egypt. It was a wholly original concept, driven forward by personality-heavy stars, amazing location photography and Emmerich's strong sense for the fantastical. The film would eventually launch a number of successful television spin-offs, although sadly no follow-up film (although one was originally planned). Read More...

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'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'It's big, it's loud and now the bonafide monster film of the year is rolling out on store shelves. Michael Bay's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" made gobs of money at the box office and now it almost singled-handedly owns the release calendar this week. But a few other titles do manage to break through the shape-shifting pack, and we'll cover them all in this DVD Report for Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

There's not much purpose in rehashing the plot to "Revenge of the Fallen," the follow-up to the bombastic intergalactic war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Anyone interested in the DVD and Blu-ray has already seen the film, so the only thing really worth discussing are whether the presentation and special features make it a must-own. Well, if you count yourself a fan of the robot-friendly franchise, then it's a definite yes. Like the first film's home video release, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is one of the best looking and best sounding discs around, especially on Blu-ray. Bay's films have frequently been reference-quality material for home theater systems and this one is no different. Action pops off the screen in amazing clarity and the 5.1 DTD-HD audio track could probably knock halls in your walls. Read More...

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'Drag Me to Hell'Director Sam Raimi made a name for himself (and boyhood friend Bruce Campbell) with a series of low-budget horror films that began in 1978 with "Within the Woods," a short college project that would chart the rest of his career. While that particular movie remains little seen, it led directly to the cult classic "Evil Dead" and its two sequels, "Evil Dead II" and "Army of Darkness," and forever cemented Sam Raimi as a bonafide member of the horror club.

So it was with some regret among his fans that -- as his career progressed -- Raimi drifted into other areas of cinema, most notably the billion dollar blockbuster "Spider-Man" franchise, and seemingly left his chainsaw and boomstick behind. That was until 2009, when he came roaring out of the gate with "Drag Me to Hell," the veteran filmmaker's return to the genre that made him a legend. The film stars Alison Lohman as a young bank officer who is hexed at the decrepit hands of a vengeful gypsie. Like most of Raimi's works, it's mixed with his personal flair and imbued with a sense of humor, while remaining throughout a very scary movie. "Drag Me To Hell" arrives on Blu-ray and DVD with only one true special feature -- that the "Production Video Diaries," a half-hour look at the making of the film. It's unfortunate that Raimi couldn't be persuaded to record a commentary, as it's always a treat getting inside his head. Read More...

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As the originators of the now-iconic "Scary Movie" franchise -- as well as their run on the critically-acclaimed "In Living Color" -- the Wayans Brothers have been a force in Hollywood for two decades now. So needless to say, their take on the dance flick genre found its fanbase and now their appropriately titled "Dance Flick" has hit store shelves.

The title was previously released on Blu-ray, and as of this week you can throw DVD into the mix. We've been given an exclusive featurette from the title below, in which director Damien Dante Wayans discusses the highs and lows of directing his family members. It's a fun little bit, so check it out.

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