If it's good to be king, then it's also good to be a college-aged dot-com legend. Such was the case with Napster founder Sean Parker, who after creating the iconic file-sharing website in the late-90s went on to work with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on his budding community site.

That little-known relationship is now profiled in David Fincher's "The Social Network," with the increasingly impressive Justin Timberlake taking the role of Parker. In the clip below, we see one of those little side benefits to being a cavalier 20-something, as he attempts to introduce himself to a incredulous one-night-stand. Watch it below and then click here for more clips from "The Social Network," which opens this Friday.

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"Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" was a summer spectacle filled with every type of action scene you'd hope for in a blockbuster. But those fight scenes didn't come without hard work, as you'll see in this behind-the-scenes featurette from the new DVD and Blu-ray, which chronicles Jake's training leading up to the film.

Check it out below, and catch the disc in stores now.

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It's been six years since legendary San Diego newscaster Ron Burgundy first graced our movie screens, and the film has gone on to become a certified comedy classic. Now "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" has tackled the Blu-ray format with a Best Buy-exclusive release that packages some never-before-seen special features.

One of those is an interesting deleted scene that shows Burgundy crying over the loss of his former co-worker Veronica Cornerstone. We've managed to snag it for your viewing pleasure, so check it out below. And after you're through with that, check out all we've got on the budding "Anchorman" sequel.

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For any child of the '80s, "Back to the Future" was a cultural cornerstone in our movie-going development. Few films deliver the excitement, the electricity that Robert Zemeckis' century-spanning magnum opus delivers across its three films. And now it's headed to Blu-ray on October 26, tied to the franchise's 25th anniversary.

We already ran down the collection's bevy of special features, and now Universal has released a brand new trailer to give fans an extra shot of anticipation. Check it out below and don't forget to check back here in October for our first look at the box set.

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Bruce WillisThe celebs are starting to pour in here at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, and one of their first stops will be none other than our Comic-Con studios. And now we can announce that Bruce Willis and his "Red" co-star Karl Urban will join previously scheduled guests including Seth Rogen, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo on the first edition of MTV News' Comic-Con Live webcast today at 3pm ET.

So set your alarm clock to hear the latest from Bruce on his new comic book flick, Seth Rogen on his Green Hornet role and Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez on their grindhouse ode "Machete."

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I'll be honest, "The Book of Eli" kind of lost me when it opened with its main character killing and eating a cat. But if you can overlook that gruesome trait (hey, I get it, times are tough in post-apocalyptic America), then there's a couple hours of Denzel Washington swashbuckling his way through our nation's devastated rural highway system while dodging an evil Gary Oldman (is there any other kind?). The Hughes brothers' film is now arriving on DVD and Blu-ray, and we've got a first look at the bonus content. In the featurette below, Denzel and his sexy co-star Mila Kunis discuss their characters and some of their intricacies.

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If the best things come in pairs, then the MTV Movie Awards are no exception to the rule. From the very beginning of the show, celebrity presenters and nominees have been entertaining audiences with wacky high jinx, romantic interludes and everything in-between.

We've collected 23 of our favorite couples, but we want to know who YOU think takes the crown as the best duo in Movie Awards history. So click after the jump to vote!

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There are two responses MTV's Josh Horowitz elicits from celebrities: they either want to punch him or make love to him. Earlier this week, it was the former, with Will Ferrell attacking our correspondent after Mark Wahlberg placed him in a headlock. Today it was the latter, as British comedian Russell Brand thought Josh looked particularly irresistible and moved to explore his body. Anyone taking bets on which direction Betty White goes with him?

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If you haven't been to L.A., you haven't experienced the wonder that are the local sign spinners, individuals who stand on street corner and hawk their respective stores with a dazzling array of spin power. We think they're pretty cool, so that's why we invited three of the best to grace our red carpet at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Check out the result below.


There are a few ways to get nominated for a Best WTF Moment at the MTV Movie Awards. Jumping naked out of a car trunk is right at the top. And that brings us to Ken Jeong, who finds himself up for a Golden Popcorn for his hilarious turn in "The Hangover" (you can watch the scene in question here). But the star is up against some stiff competition, one of which is Betty White's boob-groping role in "The Proposal." And like any gracious actor, he's practiced his "loser face" just in case he finds himself on the wrong side of the winner's circle. Take a gander below.

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