Michael Cera in 'Year One'Last week's major release was a 70-year-old classic, and coincidentally today brings yet another iconic film that's actually two years older. "Snow White" was Disney's first animated feature, and appropriately enough it marks the launch of their new "Diamond Series" Blu-ray line. But blasts from the past aren't the only highlights of the week, as Jack Black and Michael Cera rock it old school in today's DVD Report.

"Year One" combines the talents of mega-producer Judd Apatow and legendary director Harold Ramis for a old-fashioned road trip through the ancient world. Starring Black and Cera as down-on-their-luck cavemen, the film draws together an eclectic cast from the comedy scene, including Paul Rudd, David Cross, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Hank Azaria and many others. "Year One" had an underwhelming response at the box office, but Sony is hoping this Blu-ray and DVD release will bring in new fans. Audio commentary with Raims, Black and Cera is included along with a bevy of special features ranging from deleted scenes to cast interviews and a gag reel. Read More...

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'The Wizard of Oz'Rare is the occasion where the week biggest release isn't a new blockbuster but rather a septuagenarian, but that's the case this time as a young girl from Kanas eclipses anything New Hollywood has to throw at us. This is your DVD Report for Tuesday, September 29, 2009.

Since the advent of Blu-ray, studios have casually mined their catalogues for suitable re-releases, and while the results have often been notable, they're usually nothing to stop the presses over. But every once in a while, that little extra effort is made that blows something out of the water and we get something like MGM's timeless "The Wizard of Oz," which breezes into its 70th birthday with one of the best Blu-ray collections of all time.

Presented in a large hardbound rectangular case, the 70th Anniversary Edition of "Oz" comes as a three-disc Blu-ray set featuring a whopping 20+ hours of bonus content, and is highlighted by a completely remastered audio and video package that transports the 1939 fairy-tale into the high-def realm. The musical classic has never looked or sounded better; the film pioneered the use of color and that achievement is heralded in this release with unparalleled ease. Read More...

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Way back in May, we premiered the trailer for the wonderfully named "Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus." In no short order, the trailer rocketed across the Internet, popping up on every blog under the sun and garnering millions of streams.

Well, now we're back with another treat. Direct from The Asylum -- the studio known for such fare as "Transmorphers: Fall of Man" and "Snakes on a Train" -- comes "MegaFault," an epic disaster film starring none other than "8 Mile" sensation Brittany Murphy and "ER" doc Eriq La Salle. The duo play a seismologist and a miner, respectively, racing to stop a giant earthquake that threatens to tear the world in half. Yup, Roland Emmerich has some competition on his hands. Check out the fury below, or click here to watch it in glorious high-def. "MegaFault" airs on the SyFy Channel on October 10, and hits DVD on November 24.

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'Observe and Report'As we edge out of summer, the DVD release calendar is getting considerably more crowded than in weeks past. That's good news for movie fans, as studios offer up their blockbusters from earlier in the year, as well as a steady stream of catalog titles as we head into the holiday season.

This week kicks off with one of the most peculiar releases of 2009, Seth Rogen's "Observe and Report." Those expecting the straight-up comedy usually associated with the Apatow protégé should prepare for disappointment. Rather than offering the next "Superbad" (which Rogen co-wrote), "Observe and Report" (which he did not) is a twisted -- albeit comedic -- look at a mall security cop who doubles as a mentally unbalanced outcast with a hankering for weaponry. More than most, it's a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, but if this is your cup of tea then the DVD and Blu-ray offers up a healthy dose of extras. Those will HD players will receive picture-in-picture commentary from Rogen, Anna Faris and director Jody Hill, while both formats get nearly 30 minutes of deleted and extended scenes, various vignettes and a gag reel. Read More...

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As children of the '80s, we can honestly say one of the more interesting projects out there is MTV's forthcoming reboot of "Teen Wolf," the cheeseball films perhaps best known for showcasing a hairy Michael J. Fox shooting hoops in werewolf garb. This time, though, MTV is planning to strip away most of the comedy, instead labeling the show as a dramatic thriller.

Whoever is cast in the reborn franchise may want to take note of our interview today with Jason Bateman, the "Up in the Air" star who walked the carpet at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival. See, before his recent run of blockbuster films and his now-legendary series "Arrested Development," Bateman was a young struggling actor who snagged the lead role in "Teen Wolf Too," the 1987 sequel to the original. So what did advice did Bateman have to offer the next generation? "Try to pitch the writers to be a fan of electrolysis," he joked. Watch the video below for more.

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FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: When we caught up with rising young star Anna Kendrick at the Toronto Film Festival, where she's promoting her co-starring role with George Clooney in "Up in the Air," we had one big question in mind...has she seen the brand new trailer for "New Moon"?

"I did," she exclaimed, "[but] it was a very, very small video and it was very blurry, so I'm looking forward to seeing it in a big theater." Well, that makes two of us, Anna, but if you want to see the expanded trailer with even more never-before-seen footage, you'll have to tune into the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT where we're airing the exclusive full-length trailer for "New Moon" for the first time. Check out Anna's thoughts below, including her comparison between heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Clooney.

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As the summer season closes out, what's probably the slowest week of the year for DVDs has arrived. Only one wide release film is on the slate, and even the catalog titles and television box sets are light. Regardless, we'll stifle a sigh and press on like always with this week's DVD Report.

"State of Play" is a murder mystery whodunit, subbing in reporters for cops. Russell Crowe plays an old school, boots-on-the-ground investigative journalist who doesn't get the whole blogging thing. He also happens to be old college roommates with a powerful politician who, whoops, just had his mistress offed, sending Crowe on a mission to uncover a growing conspiracy behind the killing. The film comes from director Kevin MacDonald, who showed great promise with "Last King of Scotland," and its cast roster is filled with heavy-hitting names like Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Jeff Daniels, Robin Wright Penn, Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman. Read More...

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FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Sure, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may fit the characters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan like a glove, but what if Stephenie Meyer's vamp classic was written during the high-flying, colorful 1980s? Who would glitter in the sun during the era of John Hughes and the Brat Pack?

Well, that's what we wondered too, which is why we're happy to present "Twilight:" 80's Edition! We've broken out the Adobe Photoshop and decided to cast our favorite "Twilight" characters if the film was made over twenty years ago. Instead of RPattz and KStew, fans could've easily been cheering on the romance of RPhoenix and ASheedy. Click here or on the photo below to browse our re-imagined photo gallery, and then click here to read why they made our new cast of characters.

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It's the last week of summer, so how is Hollywood celebrating? By releasing a home video slate of some of the most under-appreciated films of the year. From bickering spies to reluctant amusement park workers, August 25th brings together indie darlings and big-budget gems, and we're breaking it all down in today's DVD Report.

Let's kick it off with one of my favorite films of the year, Tony Gilroy's "Duplicity." The director's sophomore follow-up to "Michael Clayton," the Julia Roberts-Clive Owen spy yarn brings together two of the brightest and most expressive voices working today for a crafty globe-trotting adventure. Filled with twists and turns and superb acting, "Duplicity" wasn't exactly a smash hit at the cineplex, but it's more than worth your time. Sadly, if there's one thing worth griping about here, it's the rather lackluster bonus features...or should we say bonus feature. Both the Blu-ray and DVD feature a lone extra: audio commentary from Gilroy and his brother, who co-produced the pic. Come on Universal, you couldn't dig up any deleted scenes? Read More...

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It smashed its way through the summer box office, and now Michael Bay's ode to planet-wrecking robots is rolling its way to store shelves. Paramount has announced that "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray October 20, 2009.

The release will feature more than three hours of extras, highlighted by a multi-part documentary that chronicles the making of the film from start to finish, and includes cast and crew interviews. The studio says the doc will cover everything from the project's initial development to working with the military and filming in locations across the globe. Read More...

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