The King's SpeechWith "The King's Speech" pulling ahead in the Oscar race, Harvey Weinstein may be even more anxious to have the film re-edited to reach a wider audience.

Last week it was reported by the Los Angeles Times that Weinstein, whose Oscar-friendly studio The Weinstein Co. released the film, wanted to find a way to trim an intricate scene of the currently R-rated movie in which King George VI (Colin Firth) lets a string of expletives fly under the instruction of his speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush).

Weinstein argued that the success of the film in Great Britain was due to a lower rating, as he told the LA Times, "The British numbers are huge because the rating lets families see the movie together,” he said, adding, “[Director] Tom (Hooper) and I are trying to find a unique way to do this that keeps his vision of the movie.”

But, it seems Hooper may have no intention of changing his vision after all. Hooper, who bested "The Social Network" director David Fincher in an upset win at the Director's Guild of America Awards on Saturday (January 29), spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the possible re-cut.

"I wouldn’t support cutting the film in any way. I think we looked at whether it’s possible to bleep out the f—s and stuff, but I’m not going to actually cut that part," Hooper said of the scene in contention. Read More...

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Kevin Smith's now-infamous "Red State" post-screening antics, in which he announced he was buying back his film to distribute on his own, was the talk of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. But some of his "Red State" cast members opted to talk about Smith's next (and allegedly, final) project instead, "Hit Somebody."

During the "Red State" shoot, Smith talked with some of his young actors about appearing in the upcoming project, which is based on the Warren Zevon hockey ode of the same name. Nicholas Braun is playing the lead role of hit-happy Buddy McCracken and Kyle Gallner will portray a Gretzky-like hockey wiz. And correct us if we're wrong, but we don't believe Michael Angarano's involvement with the project has been previously reported. Until now.

"[Kevin"] said, 'Learn how to skate and learn how to speak in a Russian accent," Angarano told us.


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In his breakout 2004 documentary "Super Size Me", filmmaker Morgan Spurlock attempted to show the world just how bad McDonald's is for you (particularly if you eat it all day, every day.) Now, Spurlock is going after all the big guns in his latest, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," an expose on the world of marketing, advertising and product placement.

Not so surprisingly, Spurlock couldn't get corporate sponsorship from many of the companies featured in the film (including his old friends at McDonald's.) Still, the ever-undeterred Spurlock sat down with MTV News at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival to talk about what it was like getting turned down by some big corporations and, despite all that, how he still managed to make a "docbuster."

Hilariously sporting an entirely corporate-sponsored jacket (Hyatt, JetBlue, and Pennsylvania's "greatest convenience store you'll ever stop in," Sheetz — which is providing collector cups for the movie's impending release — were game with Spurlock's vision), the director explained to MTV News that the three biggest sponsors of the project benefited from a commercial spot inserted within the movie itself. "It's the first time ever there's a film that has commercial breaks inside of it that, literally, are [woven] seamlessly into the movie."


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'Abraham Lincoln'Benjamin Walker is about to be sworn into office...again.

Most recently Walker appeared on Broadway, where he received raves for his work in the irreverent musical, "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson," in which he played a sexy, swearing, singing version of the President of the United States.

Now, perhaps carving a rather unique niche for himself, Walker will skew presidential history again, as he's been brought on board to play Abe Lincoln in Fox's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walker will be directed by Timur Bekmanbetov ("Wanted") in the big screen adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's 2010 novel of the same name, in which Honest Abe battles the bloodsuckers in the midst of the Civil War.


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Earlier this week, Paul Giamatti was at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival to support his film, "Win Win," a title that also aptly describes another flick the recent Golden Globe-winner has on his horizon: "Cosmopolis."

Why is "Win Win" so fitting a description of Giamatti's participation in "Cosmopolis"? Well, he gets work with director David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson, of course!

After Giamatti, who stood with his "Win Win" costar Bobby Cannavale, admitted he was "not sure" when production on "Cosmopolis" would come together, there was one thing that was certain: he'd get to work with the "dreamiest man alive."


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Peter JacksonFans of "The Hobbit" have waited with baited breath to see if the long-anticipated, seemingly troubled-from-the-get-go production would get off the ground, particularly after director Guillermo del Toro dropped out of the project last May.

Since then, Peter Jackson has stepped in, but Wednesday night the film had another setback as the Oscar-winning director underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer, according to a statement from production.

Filming was expected to start sometime next month, but will be delayed as Jackson, who was admitted to New Zealand's Wellington Hospital after experiencing acute stomach pains, heals from the surgery. According to Entertainment Weekly, a New Line Cinema rep confirmed that the director "is resting comfortably and doctors expect a full recovery."

The statement from production also assured that Jackson's "surgery is not expected to impact on his directing commitment to 'The Hobbit' beyond a slight delay to the start of filming."

Just how "slight" the delay ends up being remains to be seen. The two parts of Jackson's "Hobbit" will feature many actors reprising their roles from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, including Sir Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett and Elijah Wood (not to mention that rumored $1 million, two-minute cameo by Orlando Bloom.)

Parts 1 and 2 of "The Hobbit" are slated for December 2012 and December 2013 releases, respectively.

Do you think "The Hobbit" will continue to face setbacks throughout filming or will it be smooth sailing after Jackson's recovery?

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Kristen StewartWith Amanda Seyfried featured in the upcoming adaptation of "Red Riding Hood," could Kristen Stewart be the next actress to accomplish every young girl's dream and, quite literally, step into a fairytale? That seems to be the talk surrounding the "Twilight" star and Universal's buzzed-about action-adventure, "Snow White and the Huntsman."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 20-year-old's name keeps cropping up at Universal.

In fact, while other actresses have already screen-tested for the latest adaptation of the classic (including, among others, Stewart's "Runaways" co-star Riley Keough, "Sucker Punch" actress Emily Browning, and Felicity Jones, whose "Like Crazy" was a Sundance breakthrough), the studio seems anxious to make it Stewart's first project after "Breaking Dawn" wraps up.

We've had our own thoughts on who should snag the coveted role as Snow White in director Rupert Sanders' modern day take on the Brothers Grimm tale, but a post-"Twilight" Stewart could be more than enough of a draw for Universal to call off the search for any other actresses.

Whether or not Stewart goes from Bella Swan to Snow White, she would certainly be in good company. The project has already had big names like Johnny Depp (for said Huntsman, natch) and Charlize Theron (in talks to play the evil queen Ravenna) thrown into the ring. In fact, THR also reports today that Viggo Mortensen is eyeing a role (likely the Huntsman) in the film.

Do you think Kristen Stewart would make for a good Snow White?

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Long distance relationships are difficult enough to master in real life; it's no wonder Hollywood has had trouble capturing their complexities on the big screen.

Thankfully, a Sundance gem called "Like Crazy," which has quickly become one of the buzziest entries at this year's festival, has just changed all that with a truthful and bittersweet portrayal of managing — and, as often as not, failing to manage — love from afar.

Directed by Drake Doremus, the mostly improvised movie follows a young couple ("Star Trek's" Anton Yelchin, 21 and relative newcomer Felicity Jones, 27, in what deserves to be a breakout role) and their relationship over the course of eight years.

MTV News got the two stars together for an interview to talk about the Sundance fav, as well as how they attained their rooted-in-reality on-screen relationship. "We went to a training camp on how to be friends," joked Yelchin, as Jones cracked back, "We hated each other at first, but we managed to make it work."


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One doesn't typically equate fan boys and horror buffs with the Sundance crowd (heck, they've got Comic Con, after all). But when Rutger Hauer is in town, it's a different story.

The 67-year-old Dutch actor, perhaps best known for his roles in films like "Blade Runner" and the original version of "The Hitcher," came to Park City, Utah to screen his latest venture, an over-the-top gore fest called "Hobo With a Shotgun," much to the delight of movie fans with particularly off-kilter taste.

Hauer sat down with MTV News to discuss all the slaughter in the flick about a town gone very awry. "This is not that serious," Hauer said of the film's grindhouse-style violence. While he acknowledges the film's violence walks "a fine line," he argues that in the shock-value horror genre, "The buttons have already been pushed."


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