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The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards kicked off in fine fashion last night with an opening performance that ranks among -- if not at the top of -- the night's highlights. Eminem took to the stage in a much-publicized performance, starting the festivities off with the one-two punch of "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way You Lie," complete with a surprise appearance by "Lie" collaborator Rihanna. The overall production was stellar, but the appearance kicked off with Em in the tight confines of a club-like space not which bore a striking resemblance to the one featured in his big screen debut, "8 Mile." It was a nice nod to the superstar rapper's roots, and led to a pretty brilliant reveal of the show's main stage. Check it out below.

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"Jackass 3D" hits theaters on October 15, quite literally taking fans into a new dimension as the antics of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Party Boy and the rest of the gang pop off of the screen for the first time. MTV spoke to Steve-O at last night's VMAs about being a modern-day daredevil and what it's like for him now, to perform these stunts with his clean and sober lifestyle.

"Being clear-headed and sober makes it more painful, more scary and the first thing I say is, 'I'm Steve-O, why do I have to be Steve-O?'" He endured the pain though -- it can't be worse than the personal demons he's exorcised -- and is excited to share the results with his fans. "I can't wait. It's going to be awesome. We made a great movie. Everybody's gonna love it." Read More...

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Last night, just prior to the airing of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards we premiered a clip from "Runaway," a "companion film" that will reportedly be included as a DVD with the special edition version of Kanye West's next, as-yet-untitled album. The clip is a jarring collection of visuals: there's a deer, a ballet dancer, a woman decked out in feathers and an explosion, complete with slow-mo walkaway. The imagery became a bit clearer later in the evening when Kanye took to the stage for his show-closing performance, which you can check out here right now.

I still don't know what to make of this thing, but I'm curious as hell to see it in full. You can find the "Runaway" clip that we premiered after the jump. Read More...

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That headline pretty much says it all. You've already enjoyed an exclusive new clip from "Jackass 3D" this evening. Now I've got a cherry on top for you, in the form of a shiny, new poster.

After the jump you can see a dude who I'm guessing is Johnny Knoxville setting off into the wild, blue yonder from the back of a star-spangled jetski (it's red, white and blue anyway). I'm not sure what landed him in this predicament, but I AM sure of two things:

(1) Something unconventional launched that thing into the air.
(2) This will not end well for either the jetski or its rider.

You'll have to wait until October 15, when "Jackass 3D" hits theaters, to see the before and after. For now, enjoy the moment in poster form. Read More...

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Here's something that has me scratching my head. Tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards, we premiered this mysterious sneak peek from Kanye West for something called "Runaway." Is it for a music video? A movie? Is that Kanye I see walking away from an explosion in slow motion? Is that a CG deer? Watch the clip and see if you can figure it out for yourself...

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The below video isn't just a "Jackass 3D" clip, it's also a cautionary tale that illustrates why you should never try to get a job with Johnny Knoxville. Never.

You actually get a glimpse of the below hilarity in the debut trailer for "Jackass 3D." The side perspective we get here though, seeing how quickly Bam Margera is knocked off his feet...


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I saw "I'm Still Here" earlier this week, Casey Affleck's documentary(?) covering a period of roughly a year in the life of (former?) actor Joaquin Phoenix. As many of us know, Phoenix seemed to go a little batty starting in late-2008 when he announced his retirement from the world of Hollywood in order to pursue a career as a rapper. The hair grew long and unkempt, the beard became an unmanageable bird's nest and the drug use, at least from what Affleck's doc shows, ran rampant.

In short, we were led to believe that Phoenix had some sort of meltdown.

I'm speaking in uncertain terms because the debate that's raging around the movie is whether or not what we see on screen is a hoax or in some way staged. I'll address my thoughts on that at the end of this write-up, but first let's talk about "I'm Still Here" as what it is: a work of film. Read More...

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I am terrified of the "Saw" series and its blood-soaked ilk. I can say that right up front. Gore-heavy horror just ain't my thing.

That said, this new trailer for "Saw 3D" is all kinds of awesome. I love the overt implication that going to the theater for the 3-D experience could mean your doom! Watching those spiked braces lock themselves down over the shoulders of audience members? Fantastic.

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You all know there's a thriller coming out on October 8 starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich, right? Norton plays a convicted arsonist who wants out. So he hatches a plan to lure his parole officer (De Niro) into a compromising situation with his wife (Jovovich). That's the read I get from the trailer. And it certainly explains why De Niro looks so distressed in the exclusive still below.

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It's inevitable. Adaptations breed change. You translate a book for the big screen and you're going to be left with a much different product than what you started with. Even the most faithful adaptation is going to take liberties. It's just the way of things.

Even Peter Jackson, who so faithfully translated J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy for the big screen, made some very acceptable changes. Godlike character Tom Bombadil was left out, as was the "Scouring of the Shire" epilogue. Some complained, but in the end most agreed that these changes made sense and only served the film trilogy.

Much the same thing may happen with "The Hobbit," according to a leaked document. I normally wouldn't report this sort of thing, but it's minimally spoiler-ish if you've read the book and it comes from the entirely reputable "Rings" fansite, Read More...

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